Exclusive interview with World of Ether Co-founder Alain Goldman


Since the boom of the blockchain gaming industry, World of Ether has been one of the most talked about and anticipated games out there! They have been diligently working making sure everything is in working order before their Beta release and all the while allowing their gamer community to be heavily involved in the process. Well we were given the opportunity to find out some more info for the gamers and dig a little deeper into the World of Ether by having this exclusive interview with the Co-founder Mr.Alain Goldman.      

1)Hello Mr.Goldman can you please introduce yourself and your team? How did you guys come together?

Hi! I’m Alain Goldman, the Co-Founder and Game Architect of World of Ether. I’m from New York City, and before this I was teaching Solidity to students, and helping Bryan Okeke, another WoE founding member, grow our meetup- which has turned into the largest Ethereum meetup in the world.

Our team has actually been working together on different projects for years, but never all at once. We all came together for this project and haven’t looked back!

2)Where did the World of Ether idea come from? Did integrating blockchain technology make the development process for the game more difficult?

I’ve always been an avid gamer. I was a Dungeon Master in Dungeons & Dragons and a competitive Smash Bros player. I love playing games, and imagining them.

World of Ether was an extension of my love of gaming and my love of the crypto space.


I began thinking about how brilliant decentralized gaming can be. I wanted to create a dense experience and progression, with beautiful art and music, and I thought about what I could do with my own experience and my team’s experience.

Integrating blockchain has made this more fun! What’s especially cool is the fact that there’s a ton of transparency in the game. Monster stats and game mechanics are way more immutable (in many cases entirely so) than in conventional gaming.

3)It seems difficult for blockchain developers to promote a game when there really isn’t a game…YET. If you get what we mean? So how do you approach this and get your audience excited for something that is not yet available? Has social media played a role at all in this?

Hah, I totally understand. In some ways we’ve even tried to make the egg presale a game. It’s been really interesting watching what price the eggs will reach before they increase 15% on Main Net launch. We all have different guesses of what the price will reach.

But what we’ve focused on was 1. having the quality of the presale art the presale website reflect what will be in the game; that was important in showing people what to expect from us. Then 2. we’ve been focusing on being very responsive to anybody getting in touch with us – on all our social media channels.

Now that our Alpha is being tested, things are getting more exciting. We have a real product on Rinkeby Test Net, and we’re reaching a point where we can begin dropping more details, screenshots, and videos of what we’ve been building!

4)How has the response been to the presale of your crypto collectible EGGS? Have you hit your goal numbers? 

The response we’ve received has been overwhelming! We just sold our 2,000 egg, which many of us never expected to get anywhere near- so we’ve all been very excited about the amount of enthusiasm surrounding the game.                                                             


All these amazing people in the space have been reaching out to us too, seeing how they can help; and the quality of people we’ve been meeting has been very high.

5)We see more and more games coming out that look similar to yours in terms of the collect, breed and battle format. What aspects would you say distinguishes World of Ether from the rest? 

This game is so nuanced, I actually find it difficult to compare to other projects. The amount of strategies and possibilities that come with our leveling system, cooldown system, discovery, and even presale system, make this a deeper game than these other games that are being released.

We’re also about to announce a new feature that’s going to add a lot to the current game mechanics we’ve announced. This will be another way of distinguishing us.

We have a bunch of cards that we’ve been holding close to our chests, which we will reveal soon.


6)How exactly will the blockchain technology be used in World of Ether and will you keep evolving the game as the technology does the same? 

Monsters can be verifiably scarce from living on the Ethereum blockchain. The new feature we’re about to announce is also dependent on Ethereum and this veritability.

Additionally, we have some cool plans for the immutability of World of Ether- more on this as well in the weeks ahead.

7)We feel that the ones who play crypto games just for the investment value are not true gamers. Do you guys feel the same about this and will World of Ether go beyond this grouping?

We don’t actually. That’s a legitimate strategy and different strategies (as long as they’re not abused) can keep games varied and interesting. However we’ve built a very deep game, so anybody getting a quick flip on their eggs without coming back into the game with new monsters will be missing out on a lot.

8)Currently your social media channels mention that you are very close to launch time. Can you offer the anticipating gamers an up to date time frame from Alpha launch to full game release?

Our Alpha is up now, and we’ll soon be releasing our public bug bounty. Around this time we also plan on dropping screenshots and videos, and announcing the aforementioned new features (though I can’t say anymore on this). Our Beta for all presale egg holders will follow Alpha, and following Beta, we’ll be launching on Main Net.

Stay on the lookout!

9) Are there any cool hints or tips you can divulge to the gamers here before World of Ether is released?

People have asked us how to get Legendary monsters. Nobody knows this, but we actually put a hard to read Easter Egg in one of our early pieces of promotional content that reveals this. We’re hoping somebody finds this, though the answer will also be revealed eventually post Main Net launch.


10) Finally, what are the short and long term goals for you and World of Ether. Are there certain milestones you would like to achieve? 

The short term goal is for our Beta players to love the experience we’re giving them (by Beta, the game will be a lot more polished).

Our long term goal is for World of Ether to become a global franchise. We have a lot of ideas on what we can do to make Doefan as recognized as the biggest video game mascots.


We’d like to thank Mr.Alain Goldman and the World of Ether team very much for taking the time out of their busy schedules to talk with for this exclusive interview!

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