MyHero9 Summary With CEO Justin Song


1) Please tell us about your background and how your company came to be?

We are from the team in Shanghai, China. Our team comes from some traditional game companies and financial institutions in China. Our name is Bun Studio.


2) Why a card based blockchain game and why are you using only female characters? 

There are several fanatical TCG fans in our team who own a lot of MTG cards. The choice of women is because we feel that the players in the blockchain are mostly male, and the image of women will be more attractive.


3) We see there is the opportunity to buy pets. Are they also ERC20 compliant so they will be unique? Will these characters also be used in battles?

The pets are just items on blockchain, no ERC20. They are unique. But this is just to make the cards more attractive

4) Can you explain to the gamers why you would want to reduce Cooldown period for Hero character? What is the advantage?

This one is designed to test our ability to add another token, while allowing some tokens to upgrade faster.


5) What do you think makes your game ahead of the competition, particularly the other card based blockchain games?

Myhero9 not just a game. It is an assets on Blockchain. You will see the Myhero9 cards used in other games soon. Myhero9 have many characteristic that did not come out in game now.


6)  What stage are you at on your Roadmap? What has been the biggest barrier so far?

Only on the first step. We are building platform for blockchain game on mobile now. But the TPS and Gas price are the big barrier for players.


7) What is the cryptocurrency and the blockchain gaming markets like in your country?And how are the laws regarding cryptocurrency games?

There are funny that in china most famous blockchain game have no blockchain technology. They just say “We use blockchain make a game.” But no one can see it on chain. The players do not need a wallet to get into the game. Just an email is ok. The game data all in game company’s own severs. We call them “Fake Chain” There is no clearly law for blockchain game.


8) How do you feel about the future of the blockchain gaming industry and what goals would you like to achieve with your game, MyHero9?

Future of Blockchain game is an open world. Player are freedom from one game to another and freedom to make game rules, items. Maybe at that time we will not call them players anymore.


We’d like to thank Mr.Justin Song very much for taking the time out of his schedule to talk with Blockchaingamer. 

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