Exclusive Interview With The CryptoDungeons Team

The term “old school” does not always denote a negative meaning. Actually in many cases, such as referencing classic RPG games like “Final Fantasy” it offers the total opposite connotation. And if you add in some now new school blockchain technology then mix the best of both worlds you will get the anticipated game CrytpoDungeons!

We had the pleasant opportunity to sit down with the CryptoDungeons team and learn more about them and their game.

Q. Thank you for joining us! Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you came up with your game CryptoDungeons? Are you working on CryptoDungeons with a team?

We are a small team of developers from Portugal that always seeks for new adventures. We are lovers of the blockchain and the first time we saw CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks we had the idea of making an rpg style game for the chain. But before we started making this game we made two other casino type games just to test contracts and how we deal with them. Then we saw it was possible to do our dream game and we started working on the contracts for CryptoDungeons and here we are!

Q. We love that you are bringing back the old school 2D pixelated turn based RPG’s style like “Breath of Fire” and “Chrono Trigger.” Are there any aspects from these games that you are  applying to your game?

Yes we love turn based games and it’s perfect for the blockchain technology! The game has more inspiration on World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy Series although the pixel art style is something that our team loves. From Breath of Fire or Chrono Trigger we have similarities on the art style but the rest of the gameplay we think on the best solutions and talk to our community what they think of and what we could do. It’s not just us developing but anyone that wants to feel part of!

Q. Does incorporating blockchain technlogy make the development of the game anymore difficult? Have you had to overcome any barriers by doing this?

Yes it makes a new challenge developing games. The main barrier are the transaction times and wanting to be a decentralized game. The way of thinking is also different, like our dungeon implementation. We can’t make a real time fluid game because of those transaction times and therefore we had to think in another way of doing the dungeon. To make a one time transaction players will define the abilities and the % that each hero will use that ability through the dungeon. Many other challenges we had but we overcome all of them.

Q. There seems to be other similarly designed blockchain games to yours so what would you say makes your game more unique?

We know there seems to be a lot of similarity with other games but the main difference is that our game doesn’t have any sort of pyramid scheme market. Most games make a pyramid scheme to gather new players quickly but then it makes so difficult to continue to develop. We wanted to think in a different approach and not making things unique at the beginning because who will join after? For attracting new players we will have a 50% discount on all 1000 heroes we sell when the game hits the main net.

Q. In CryptoDungeons will the players objectives be more towards the goal of investing (buying and selling items) or gameplay such as crafting or solving puzzles?

Both! We want a to make a complex game. Players can have different strategies:

– Just buy heroes and items and sell them for better prices;

– Do missions and gather items to sell them or craft them to better weapons;

– Play in the dungeons to gather loot and get more experience to the heroes;

– Our latest feature will be pvp. Get the rewards there! We want to make tournaments, ranking etc…

Q. Can you give us some more details about the gameplay and how the in-game digital assets come into effect?

The gameplay will have many features as doing missions, doing dungeons and pvp (this will be implemented after we send it to the main net). Missions are the only way people can get materials to craft items. These items also have a grade to them (0 to 99) and will affect the crafted item rarity (more rare = more stats).

Dungeons will be our main feature of the game where people will send 3 heroes to a dungeon. They will have to overcome that dungeon by modifying the percentages of use of the heroes abilities (a priest can use 70% heal and 30% tackle through the dungeon).

PvP will be our last implementation and we still working on the contract. We will have tournaments so players can battle and win the prize pot!

The heroes and items are all tokens ERC721 and will be able to be traded in 3rd party websites!

Q. What part are you in the development stage? When do you plan for the full launch of your game?

We already have Auction house fully implemented and missions. We almost finishing the crafting front End (we already have the contract working) and our next stage are the dungeon implementations. We want to launch the game until the end of April when we have most of the features working and having only PvP to implement!

Q. Where would you like your game to be in let’s say five years time?

We look at this game as a long term project. We want to update constantly to our users choices and make the game bigger!

Q. Was there anything else you would like to share with the blockchain gamers?

Come join us in our growing community and share your ideas! We are always willing to make better implementations according to you!

We appreciate the CryptoDungeons team for taking the time to share their game with us and to get your old but new school turn based gaming fix go to

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