Interview With The CryptoMayor Team

Most “hot potato” blockchain games allow you to crypto collect everything from celebrities to cute little pets. But the team from CryptoMayor is here to tell us a little bit why their game collecting cities is no potato!

1) Hello CryptoMayor please introduce yourselves and your game.

We are two friends who have been involved in Crypto for a while now and played some Ethereum games. As we saw the potential and the fun, we decided to dive in and create our own! Since, we’ve had the great fortune to have two fun games hit the top 10 in 7 day and 24 hour Volume on Dapp Radar, and we’ve really enjoyed creating and interacting with the community.

While we still run CryptoMayor, we have also created and IronHands.Site. Some Fun pyramid games that offer profit and dividends.


2) What unique gameplay elements would you say makes your game stand out from other similar “hot potato” concept games?

Well, we do offer a few things different. In terms of gameplay, we offered Cities as well as “Special Edition Cities”- Places like SouthPark, Emerald City, Etc. Fictional cities from books and tv shows/movies.

In addition, we also have a tax (dividend) payment in our smart contract that rewards Mayors. We also offer big time “Power Mayor Cards” that allow the owners to enjoy 1% of ALL purchases.


3) What have been the pluses and minuses to developing your game with blockchain technology?

I think it’s just finding their capabilities and limitations. Once we decide what features we want to add, it’s the integration of everything-front end, back end, and Blockchain to provide a seamless gameplay experience.


4) CryptoCelebrities was a hot potato game that had a great response and a lot of hype but still failed. Could you give us your opinion as to why you think this happened and what are you doing to prevent this from happening to CryptoMayor?

The harsh reality is Hot Potato Games do have limitations, and like we’ve seen with all of them, they will eventually slow down. The space is still incredibly young. I believe it’s up to the developers to continue to push the envelope and develop other options and games as we learn more about the capabilities of Ethereum Smart Contracts.


5) Currently what factors would you say make it difficult to market blockchain games in general?

 Well, to start it isn’t cool that facebook and google have banned crypto related ads. That said though, It’s hard because the demographic that plays crypto games is very small. Most people don’t know what metamask, or an Eth Wallet are let alone how to use them! I believe once more people catch on, the innovations and crypto game market will skyrocket. We are still heavily early adopters.


6) Are there any secret CryptoMayor hints or tips you can offer the community of gamers?

Make sure to collect your taxes and check out IronHands.Site and!


7) What stage are you at with your game? Have you been hitting your targets on your planned road map? 

We have hit all our targets. We will continue to market and see if there’s interest, but we currently believe our time is better spent pivoting to the needs of the market. We will be launching our site so you can stay in touch with us.


8) What are the short term and long term goals for you and CryptoMayor? 

See above, we’ll continue to grow our brand and process. Here is the important thing about us as a team though: We are open and honest with our intentions. We will always strive to make a game that is fun and has a cool community, and most importantly, we will never scam anyone’s hard earned ETH. Sadly, we’ve seen that in the community and it is sickening. As this community grows, it’s the people that do that who make it harder for the CryptoGaming world to grow. We want to see it grow and flourish. Thank you!


Thank you both for taking the time to share your game with the community! And to conclude in the words of the illustrious rapper Jay-Z, “Who’s gonna run this town tonight?” Check their game out at

Don’t forget to also watch for their new games and IronHands.Site and follow them on their social media:





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