Exclusive Interview With Co-Founder Egor & The Team From ETH.TOWN

ETH.TOWN has been one of the top listed Ethereum dApp games out there for the past few months and it is probably due to the fact that they have taken an atypical route than most other dApp games, from their launch and into the mechanics of their gameplay. The many distinctive and attractive features of ETH.TOWN has been catching the attention of the gamers and we had the great opportunity to learn more about these components and the company through an interview with their co-founder, Egor.

1. Thank you Egor for joining us! So to start for those who might yet not know the game can you briefly introduce yourself, your team and the basis of your game?

Me and my partner entered the gaming market in 2009, and now we run a small indie game studio On5. We’ve been working on lots of mobile games in the past, and this year is definitely a year of blockchain games for us!

ETH.TOWN is in fact is a crypto management game where you play as a real estate investor, buying and selling floors in the Crypto Tower. You manage the team of heroes who help you achieve your ambitious goals. On top of that we’ve got a bunch of mini-games inside our Crypto Tower.


2. There was huge excitement around your presale! How did you handle the buzz and did the presale live up to your expectations?

We’ve been gladly surprised with the big attention ETH.TOWN presale got from day one. We didn’t expect to have built up such a strong community so fast!

The presale hit its 200K ETIT cap really fast. The floors presale and level-9 heroes presale reached their limits even faster!

Another innovative thing in ETH.TOWN is that the token holders will both be able to play it just like everyone else, and use the tokens for that, and also get a revenue generated from other players’ activity!

For instance, as we speak, our first mini-game has already generated 3.5 ETH for the token holders to split. That’s just within a couple of weeks and even before ETH.TOWN is launched at all. After we launch the game itself, and more mini-games involving ETH, it will be much more!

3.You guys have taken a very interactive approach to your digital asset and Token presale compared to many other DApp devs who pretty much launch a basic ICO. How did you come up with such a unique and innovative presale process, including parts like having the star heroes auction and buying a floor option?

The game mechanics suggested how we should approach it. Also, we never wanted to sell the ETIT tokens, but instead to award them for buying in-game content just as a bonus. As for the innovation, we are always looking for fresh approaches. Why not innovate on the presale stage as well?


4. From your experience what advice would you offer to other blockchain game devs who are planning to launch their own presale or ICO?

Our biggest hiccup was that we ended up spending a bit more time on managing the presale than we originally planned. Thus all the release dates got shifter even more from the original plan.
Also, it was not as easy to attract new players as we thought. Crypto-gaming community is pretty small, but still you can’t access all of it in one place. However, you can get access only to the core portion of it.

My advice would be to start with opening a Discord channel and work with early adopters.


5. Before the Alpha testing stage is released can you provide some gameplay information to the eagerly waiting gamers how they will be able to use Heroes, “the little peeps,” help get big profits?

We can’t shed a light on this yet, but in general, you heroes will do certain tasks here and there, and depending on their level give you more or less profit from your activity in the game.


6. Next, can you explain how the Dice mini-game and “gene” will work in the game? Are you able to disclose some of the other mini-games you have planned and how they will have special relations with certain heroes and the floor that they are in?

We’ve already released a mini-game which is called Infernal Cauldrons. In the game player controls their chance to win by adding their bids into a pot (cauldron). For example, if your input is 0.4 in a pot which has 0.8 in total, your chance to get the pot is 50%. The rules are a bit more complicated, but that’s the gist.

The Dice game will be pretty similar to EthRoll. Depending on the agility skill of the hero you play with, you’ll get more ETH/ETIT from your win, and the character’s luck affects how likely you are to win.


7. Are there any secrets or hints you can reveal that would be valuable to your gamers before or during the Beta testing stage?

Not really to be honest. We are eager to release the beta and see how real people interact with the game and which results it leads to. Then we’ll probably see what are the best and not so good approaches for the player to take.


8. Is ETH.TOWN the game that builds blockchain gaming for the present or a game that is building for the future?

We believe it’s Both. We want to build this game as a service with expandable content, and not as a one-day play-and-forget thing.


9. Where do you see or hope to see ETH.TOWN in five to ten years time?

That’s too long timeframe to make predictions to be honest, especially in the world of Crypto. Everything is changing too fast nowadays. For 2018: ETH.TOWN to become #1 blockchain game ever!

We appreciate Egor and the team from ETH.TOWN for taking the time out of there very busy schedules to give us this informative interview.  Before they reach the closed beta stage and go to their public release, dont miss out on the ETH.TOWN Mini-Games that are currently happening!

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