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Introducing PixoArena: An Ethereum Fighting Collectibe game.

Introducing PixoArena: A Fighting Collectible game powered by Ethereum Blockhain

PixoArena Presale is coming May 2018. Stay tuned.

So you like Crypto, Games and Awesome Pixel art. We love it too ?.That’s why we are super excited to introduce PixoArena a Collectible Fighting game powered by Ethereum Blockchain and 100% PixelCrafted.

The Pixos

PixoArena is populated with Pixos (Our ERC721 token), these guys are born made out of pixels and  each of them is unique with different characteristics and traits. They are not breedable or inherit the adn of other pixos so everytime a new Pixo is created it is almost guaranteed that you will be the owner of a great warrior and a scarce piece of Awesome Pixel Art!

Pixos are  recruited with ETH and each of them have a set of stats that will determine their perfomance in the Arena. Would you be the lucky one to recruit the most powerful Pixo and dominate the Arena?

The Artifacts 

Artifacts are equipment that will boost your Pixo strength in the Arena. Not every handosme and good looking Pixo is naturally gifted with great stats, but this objects will definitely take the weakest Pixo to his highest level.

Of course, not every artifact has the same strenght or rarity as others. There are some more powerful and scarce artifacts that would be the main targets of every player or PixoCollector. You would be able to buy artifacts directly from other players or try your luck, open a chest and sell the most uncommon objects for a profit.

The Marketplace 

So, now you have Pixos and Artifacts. Maybe you got a Legendary Weapon and want to make profit of it, or maybe you are looking to recruit the most badass Pixo available. Pixos and Artifacts are ERC721 tokens and once you get them you are in full control of your assets. PixoArena will integrate their assets with different marketplaces such as and so you would be able to buy and sell objects in auctions to whoever you want. The advantages of descentralized Pixels!

The Arena

Great, now you have your favorite Pixo with your favorite weapons. Lets put the Arena in PixoArena and go to the battle! Every Pixo is assigned with a set of HP, ATK, DEF and RCV points, this stats might define their role inside the Arena. PixoArena battle system is based on randomness and each Pixo has Reputation (REP) points that increase with each battle won and decrease with each battle lost. There are 2 different ways to fight your Pixo.

The Defence :

The Pixos sent to the defence group will see a boost into their DEF stats and can keep fighting and farming REP until beaten. Once they are beaten, they will need to take a rest. Rest cooldowns vary depending on the RCV stat.

The Attack:

Pixos in the attacking group will see an increase in their ATK stat. They have the chance to choose their oponent wisely and analyze their stats but they will need to take cooldowns between battles.

The battle:

Already decided which group your Pixo will fight?  Great!Let the battle begin. The chances of winning a battle are calculated with the combination of REP, HP, ATK and DEF. Beating a higher REP Pixo will increase the REP won but the chances are smaller. Beating a lower REP Pixo will decrease the REP won but the chances are bigger. The battle system is design that even the lowest REP Pixo could beat the highest REP Pixo but with the gap of points increasing the odds of winning would be really small.

Coming Next

Another Random Pixo

Excited? We are as well!But for now PixoArena is in early stage with a small team working very hard and doing progress everyday on the development of the game. Our next milestone is to start a presale in May 2018 where you can get Pixo Founder Tokens (PFT) at a super affordable price that can be redemmed for unique Pixos and Artifacts that will be very powerful (and stunning) once the game is launched. They might increase drastically their price.

So stay tuned and register to our whitelist at if you are interested being part of the Presale and get the latest news on PixoArena development.

Before you close this post and run to tell your friends about this game…

We love to interact with the community, we love to hear your suggestions and take a community driven development approach. So come to our social networks and be part of our team. (We are very nice guys)


Thanks for Reading!

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Official Twitter for Blockchain based game PixoArena. Recruit, Equip, Trade and Fight your Pixos. Founder token pre-sale Coming Soon!

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