Crypto And Dragons Presale Auction Ending Soon!

Crypto And Dragons is on presale and unique monster auction. A battle demo is also available! The first unique monster “Gothmod the Fire” is 4.8ETH now. You can get DTT tokens 5000% of bid ETH price every bids.


What’s Crypto And Dragons?

Collect monsters and train them up, then make monster corps. After that, you can battle for dungeon ownerships with other players. Rule dungeons and get more tokens, monster, and ethereum!



During the presale, only the monsters with the highest value of heredity and the eggs hatching rare monsters are sold. And the sale of the unique monsters are held, which is only one and only the successful bidder can get it.

If you miss out on this time, you can hardly take a chance to get both. Additionally, we have prepared a battle demo and you can experience a part of battles using some sample monsters. We’ll enable you to play demo battles using the monsters you bought on the update in early May. Marketplace will also be opened at that time.


Beta version:

We are aiming to implement the general functions of the game in June or July, and thats when the dungeon bidding wars will actually start. But it will be the beta version without the function of remittance to some extent.


Stable version:

The official version with almost all functions will be released after a certain period of time after the beta version has been released. From that point on we will vigorously update the game, such as the addition of more functions and monsters.






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