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2 For 1 Game Feature Contest!



To offer some more exposure for blockchain games and related platforms we will be holding this ongoing contest! The Top 5 most voted at the end each month will be showcased for the following whole month on our site and also on our Game Feature Playlist at our very popular partner site!


RULES (simple and easy):

1) Anyone can freely list a blockchain game using the Add Your Submission form on this page.

2) Vote for your favorites and keep in mind sharing is caring.

3) Please check and make sure not to submit a game that is already listed.

4) In case of a tiebreaker the game with more Comments will be chosen.


#1 Gods Unchained


Gods Unchained is a decentralized competitive card game that takes some of the best lessons learned from games like Hearthstone, MTG, and Fearia and turns them into a truly community-focused game.

At its core Gods Unchained is a state of the art blockchain-based game, enabling users to trade and sell their cards freely, with the same level of ownership as if they were real, tangible cards.


Experience a new paradigm of gaming: immutable, transparent, and infinitely extensible.

Fast, turn-based, multiplayer gaming with massive rewards. Win, and your glory will live on in the blockchain for all eternity.


Your cards are your property. Trade them, sell them, hoard them: we’re not here to tell you what to do (other than have fun).

Stored on the Ethereum blockchain, our immutable smart contracts guarantee the scarcity of every creature, spell and weapon in the Gods Unchained universe.


A completely limited edition Genesis Season of 380 unique cards. Only available before game launch, and hard-capped at $15M. Don’t miss out.


10% of pack sales go directly to the first world tournament, with a $1.6M goal.

The Gods Unchained World Championship will be held in early 2019.

A maximum of 20,000 entrance tickets will ever be minted, as ERC20 tokens.

Buy it now for 0.2 ETH, or get one complimentary with every Legendary or better pack -- first come, first served.


Coinbase - Cryprocurrency exchange Ventures

Nirvana Capital

Continue Capital

Sora Ventures

OPSKINS - Game Items Marketplace on WAX Blockchain

Rare Bits - Game Items Marketplace on Ethereum Blockchain

OpenSea - Game Items Marketplace on Ethereum Blockchain


Freely trade and sell your cards, forever.

We will never compete with player-sold cards; once we stop selling a season, the only future way to acquire it is off the player marketplace.

No more churning through hundreds of packs looking for that last card to complete your deck.


Unlock a Golden Blessed Chimera and enter to win $10,000 in packs!

This giveaway is intended to reward those who are genuine supporters of what we're looking to accomplish with Gods Unchained.

And anyone with 5+ entries will receive a Golden Blessed Chimera when the competition ends!

 Join here: Gods Unchained Giveaway

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  1. One of the two games I am most looking forward to over the next 3 months. Brilliant structure, big incentives to play and stay… including the notion that someone will very likely win about a million dollars worth of ETH. Not even kidding!

  2. The best one out there! Amazing graphics and even backed by coinbase! Nice pace of growth, amazing prize pool, awesome incentives … I could go on….

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#2 Blockchain Cuties

Blockchain Cuties is the new collectible crypto game with adventures where you get to play with puppies, lizards, bear cubs, cats, foxes and other real and fantasy creatures alike. Each cutie is unique and 100% belongs to you. You can collect them, breed them, test their skills in battles, gear them up and even level them up and become a force to be reckoned with! 

In-game, player fueled, economy lets you trade cuties using smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain. 

There are constant updates, content additions to the game and community driven features added all the time, and a really friendly community of Cutieners! 

There's mythical raid bosses teased by the devs, so get your cuties ready for a crazy smackdown and get them geared and experienced, before the fight begins!  





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  1. Awesome game! We can play even if the gas is sky high! Wonderful art and really cool updates all the time!

  2. I have been playing this game since it was a couple weeks out of beta. I have assembled my army and had a lot of fun in the process. The dev team is active in the community, and I have made great friends in the community telegram

#3 CryptoMiner World – The Idle & Collectible Game

If you’re looking for a unique game, full of character, this is it. In CryptoMiner World players can mine for treasure on the blockchain! Own land and have your Gem Workers uncover what’s beneath.

Over time, your Gems will automatically dig deeper and deeper. Check up on them every few days, weeks or even months to collect all the treasures they’ve found for you.

Find gold, artifacts, prizes and even more Gems, to keep or sell with others at the marketplace. Dig deep enough and discover rare keys, capable of opening Monthly Ether Chests or even the World Chest worth over 2000 Ether! Now that’s giving back to players.

Claim an early Geode now. Each one contains 3 Worker Gems and an exclusive plot of land in Antarctica available only to pre-sale buyers.

To find out more check out the site or follow us on your network of choice.





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  1. Very promising and interesting idle game. At the time of writing, there are still some presale geodes for 50% discount available.

#4 ExoPlanets – A beautiful, fun and educational crypto game

ExoPlanets is a space exploration game that allows players to own planets with real scientific data from NASA's database of known ExoPlanets in our galaxy. Each planet also contains unique stats, 3D graphics and environments, and is also linked to a real cryptocurrency from CoinMarketCap's top 50 coins. The linked cryptocurrencies performance in the real crypto market will affect the players planets and game!

The goal of the game is to own an ExoPlanet, evolve life on it from a barren rock planet to single cell organisms and all the way to intelligent civilizations with space exploration capabilities, send out spaceships to explore the galaxy, claim smaller resource planets in order to mine resources and ExoTokens (which are ERC20 tokens) and further your galactic expansion.

Currently there are only about 3700 known ExoPlanets, according to NASA's database, which means that the game will be limited to around 3700 players.

The game will offer full 3D playable environments using WebVR technology, mini games, in-game tokens that will be usable outside the game as well and much more. Several VR demos are available on ExoPlanets website.





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  1. Exoplanets is an awesome sounding game. Can’t wait to start playing, and earning some Exotokens. Great touch to have planets linked to data from Nasa along with the webvr tech. Presale is great fun so far trying to buy and hold on to planets. Great j

  2. An incredible game! I can’t wait for launch so that I can watch the planet grow!

    The Space Exploration feature is gonna be doooooope!

#5 CryptoRome

In CryptoRome, you build your empire from the ground up, all starting with a single (free) plot of land. Strategy, politics and strength are the building blocks for turning a plot of land into an empire.

Here’s what you should know about CryptoRome:

The Ethereum blockchain is our foundation. This means that every piece of land, its resources and other assets you purchase in the game are unique and owned by you. It cannot be taken by others players unless you decide to sell it.

Grow your assets: Build on and improve your land, increase resource production and enhance its value. As you increase the value of your land, you can choose to sell your land (and its assets) directly in our Marketplace to other players through smart contracts for real ether (can also sell in 3rd party marketplaces).

It’s competitive:Within the game, players build their land, strengthen their army, conquer European lands and rise in power. Players wage daily battles to earn the titles of Caesar or one of four senators. Winning is fairly straightforward – the army that holds the most land wins those titles; but there are many paths you can take on your way to power and many ways to deceive your opponents. Not strong enough to win Caesar on your own? Join an alliance, or farm a much needed or rare resource to sell in the market to grow in power.

The victor go the spoils: A percentage of all daily transactions in the marketplace are distributed directly via smart contracts – 1% to Caesar and 1% split among the Senators. You’re earning real ether for your conquests!

Come play the Battle for Sicily mini-game to get a free plot with a barracks on it (and claim a free daily treasure)! Also, get your limited-edition Centurion in our marketplace (only 1000 will ever be available).

CryptoRome Website: https://cryptorome.ioDiscord:

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  1. gioco incredibile , grandi aspettative, grandi eserciti invadono l’europa. Grando lo staff che lavora molto e bene…corretti e uomini seri.

#6 Dragon Eggs Have Hatched & The Market is Open!

    Everdragons is the first blockchain game where your crypto collectibles are powered by real life events!

    Everdragons are 100% unique, no two are the same. They vary in design, color, origin, domain and Power Source. These aspects are written into the Everdragons DNA, embedded in the Ethereum Blockchain, and can never be altered. Everdragons are driven by powers beyond the Blockchain, with a Power Source number that connects each dragon to an outside source.

     You can compete in many different contests and competitions, like the upcoming Dragon Race, earning Gems and Ether on the way. You also have options to buy more Everdragons, sell or trade your Everdragons, in the Market!

     There is no breeding in the Everdragons game, however there are generations and the Original Gen 0 Everdragons have a secret trait that will make it "very special". These Gen 0 Everdragons are available in the market, now!

     An important factor for the value of a collectible is its scarcity. To support a stable and slightly increasing value, the number of Everdragons is controlled by the scarcity control algorithm (SCA) which allows your Everdragons to become more valuable as time goes by.

     One more thing, the more you play, the more prestige and gems your Everdragons get, and the more valuable your Everdragon becomes! 

*Thank You for playing, please check out out media channels:

 *Everdragons >> Telegram

 *Everdragons >> Discord

 *Everdragons >> Twitter

 *Everdragons >> Facebook


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  1. The Dragons are all unique and awesome! Come for the dragons and betting… and the Customer Service will keep you.

    This game is the Doublethreat. Awesome game. Responsive team who aims to please!

  2. Very promising project and very helpful community, You can Bet ,Trade and even earn Eth with your dragons
    Races will start soon and market place is live

#7 Chibi Fighters: A game you can actually play

Breeding your gazillionth cat? .. or butchering your friend and take all his Ether?

Chibi Fighters chose to deliver first, then do the talk. So while we create a great experience for you, you can enjoy everything that already works and is released. We develop and publish as we go along.

No bullshit promises

Fight for Ether free of Gwei in our off chain currency that can be converted into real Ether any time.Fuse your Chibis, sell your offspring, our players yield 3x returns meanwhile. All on chain, all ERC721 compliant.

Heck, we have an entire page explaining you how to make money with and within Chibi Fighters.

You want to play yet another cheap as chips looking game that doesn't make you another cent? Safe yourself the stress and get a decent xbox or ps4 game.

OR .. you want to be rewarded with shit that makes you money? Or just humiliate your stupid as friend? Show off a bit who's king of the block?

Or maybe you rather team up and destroy everyone else with your gang? Yeah you can't do yet, sorry.

Chibi Fighters might just be what you are looking for.

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#8 Etheremon

What is Etheremon?

Etheremon is the first game opening an era of Game 3.0. It creates a world of Mons (Etheremons) where you can capture, train, transform, and trade them with others.

Combining Blockchain and Virtual Reality technology, Etheremon offers a gaming experience like never before. This is the first gaming world ever where you actually own the assets which no one can influence or steal from you and see them operating like in the real world.


The more you train your Mons, the more value they will accumulate. Level-1 Mons are available in the game store. You can train them to evolve and lay eggs. Most kinds of Mon are limited in supply, hence, once all Mons of a type are bought, they will only be available on the trade market. Also, Mons in Form 2 and 3 can only be acquired from evolving, making them even scarer. The scarcity of Mons will drive up their value over time.


Our Community Manager VENOM has announced winners of our WorldCup Fanart contest. You can watch again here:

Follow us at:






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  1. Etheremon is the best Dapp out there! I love battling and leveling up my mons.

#9 Mythereum: A Trading Card Game with Real-Time Battles

Mythereum is a last-man-standing card game where players pit their decks against other players. In turn, players can launch attacks while attempting to protect their own Health Points and outlive opponents, earning XP and Mythex and climbing the Leaderboard along the way.

You can claim a 100% FREE starter deck just by linking your Discord account.

Most Mythereum games are played on our private sidechain. Because of this, playing a game of Mythereum is entirely free! We host periodic tournaments with real ETH prizes contributed by the Mythereum team and funded by ongoing card sale proceeds. We offer both free-to-play tournaments and paid-entry ones, and players only need to have a qualified deck to enter.

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#10 Super Game Chain: Creating Gaming Consensus For All

Super Game Chain (SGCC) is the ultimate blockchain solution for the gaming ecosystem. 

It is composed of two products:  the SGC Chain that will provide a high-throughput, Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerance (ABFT) secured distributed ledger system, with easy to integrate SDK and API customized for game platforms and games; as well as an organic game ecosystem that can be deployed on super game chain and any other blockchain protocols, enabling gamers to invest in and collaborate with game developers, buy and sell in-game tokens and assets, and play and rate games. 

The difference between us and others is that we are not just another token-enabled game distribution platform or a trading system, we are more than those.  We put gamers in the decision chairs of deciding what games to build, and what games they actually want to play.  Unlike what many other blockchain game platforms are offering, which is a distribute platform with a token, or a trading system with a token, SGC is changing the product relationship of developers and gamers.  Gamers can now have the right to become the investors, and harvest the high returns on some promising games. 

Our over 10 years of first hand game developing and publishing experience made us understand the real issues the developers and gamers are facing.  We are the only one out there to solve all these from both ways, and from ground up. 

We will provide a way for game developers to raise funds directly from their end-users, get their concept or game validated in every steps by their targeted end users, and to acquire users without having to pay a hefty user acquisition fee. 

With SGC, the rare opportunities of investing in quality games will not be exclusive to a few privileged investors anymore.  We will put the decision right into the end users, for the first time, to choose, back, and guide how a game should be designed, developed, and distributed!

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The First Strategy War Game On BlockchainLASERCHAIN is an in-game (crypto) currency. We will be selling a limited number of tokens to jump start the economy - then no more. LASERCHAIN can also be earned in game.Why play LASERCHAIN?LASERCHAIN is one of the first crypto-currency based games with real stakes and a real sense of achievement. It is a fun, FREE real-time strategy game available across multiple platforms whether you are using PC, Mac, Android, IOS or other devices.  Play solo or with friends from across the world and have fun building an empire where your ability to succeed is based on your skills to be strategic through building, managing, attacking and defending your faction.Mine Laserchain in your sleep.  Build a Laser Gen Facility and come back to collect your resources. Use Laser to expand your base, craft weapons and speed up things.Website:  http://laserchain.ioTelegram: https://bitcointalk.orgWhitepaper: 

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