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CALL FOR DEVELOPERS: $7500 in Bounties Up for Grabs

Partnering with Gitcoin Strengthens Our Commitment to Bridging Game Developers to Web 3.0.

OPGames has put up 3 bounties on Gitcoin amounting to $7500 as a reward to successful developers.

In the last few months, we’ve been building a game portal over at OP Arcade where we want the games to be decentralized, open-source, and with the community at its heart. We’ve also recently dropped our NFTs of the games Flip FlopConquest.eth, and Forest Cuties at!

The completion of these bounties will mark a significant milestone in our goal towards decentralization. We also want to be able to grow our developer base, so the community can expect more bounties from us in the future. In the meantime, these are the bounties we’ve set up for the Gitcoin Grants Round 10:

Bounty #1: Creating GameLeg0S

Challenge: Create An OS-like Dapp made out of Money & Game Legos

This is a cooperative challenge inspired by one of the entries in the JS13k Challenge: Frank Force’s os13k. We want the Gitcoin hackers to create a similar OS-like dApp, but this time composed of open-source reusable smart contracts, front-end code, and small games / tech demos that can show non-web 3.0 HTML5 game developers what the possibilities are with Web 3.0.

The focus should be on making the modules composable, similar to DeFi’s money legos. This is the goal for GameLegOS: we’re hoping the code created for it will help jumpstart the creation of composable Game Legos.

Hackers can be creative with what Game Legos they create for GameLegOS, and we’re excited to see what the community comes up with!

A survey on how much indie game developers are earning from their games (Source: 2021 Gamedev.js survey)

Helping HTML5 game developers monetize will probably be the most appreciated, though. In the 2021 Gamedev.js survey we find that almost 60% of HTML5 Game developers are making <$1k annually. If GameLegOS can show them how to earn a more sustainable income using Web 3.0, we would have more than achieved our goal!

Prize Bounty: $5,000 USD

Bounty #2: OPG NFT Game Lego

Challenge: Create an open-source dapp that will delight OPG NFT owners

The goals of this challenge are:

  1. To give owners of OPG NFTs more fun things to do with their NFTs
  2. For developers to be able to use this challenge’s source code to build other functionality in the future.

OPGames NFTs are NFTs minted on NEAR protocol, using

“The Pioneers” collection made up of the games Conquest.ethFlip Flop and Forest Cuties. Get one of each card at!

Hackers can be creative with how they want to create the open-source dApp. It can be a game, an analytics dashboard, or anything they think will be delightful for OPGames NFT owners.


The Paras Github repos will be useful for this challenge, showing how to login via NEAR and query their APIs.

Prize Bounty: $1,250 USD

Bounty #3: OP Arcade Game

Challenge: Create an original, open-source game For OP Arcade

OPGames is looking for fun and creative HTML5 games that we will feature in OP Arcade!

OP Arcade is our upcoming HTML5 games portal built on Web 3.0. We are reimagining how HTML5 games are created and monetized, using the Web 3.0 principles of decentralization, community and open-source.

A sneak-peak of our game portal OP Arcade where you can find decentralized, open-source, and community-run games.

The game can be in any genre, we are judging the games on fun gameplay, originality and overall polish. Games have to be playable via a browser. Do take note that the submitted games will be open-sourced.

There will be only one winner of the bounty, but OPGames will reach out to other promising submissions and invite them to turn their game into community-owned NFTs. Competitive games can also be invited to monetize via OP Arcade tournaments.

Prize Bounty: $1,250 USD

How to Get Started

If you’re interested to participate, don’t hesitate to message us directly on the OPGames discord. We’d love to answer any questions you may have. For more information on the judging criteria and submission requirements, head over to

Happy Hacking!

About OPGames

OPGames enables developers and the community to own, run, and monetize games as a collective. Through OPGames’ suite of tools and SDK, developers can turn entire HTML5 games into fractionalized NFTs offered to the public as investable assets. Founded in 2018 by gaming veterans, OPGames seeks to lower down the barrier to game ownership.

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