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EPIC LEAGUE Unveils Exciting New Features for Dark Throne: Time Trial Dungeon and Valley of the Dead PvP Map

The web3 games development studio EPIC LEAGUE has unlocked two exciting new features in Dark Throne, its highly popular game series. The newly introduced Time Trial dungeon and Valley of the Dead promise to provide players with an engaging and challenging experience unlike anything they have encountered before.

The Time Trial dungeon adds a new element to gameplay, as players race against the clock to complete it as quickly as possible. In order to move up the leaderboard and win big prizes, players must navigate the dungeon as quickly as possible while encountering a variety of monsters in each room.

The newly introduced Valley of the Dead map in Dark Throne’s PvP mode is designed specifically for characters with long-range attack abilities, giving them a distinct advantage in dogfights. Players can now select their character that best suits the map and gameplay style with Bloodblitz Arena, the original PvP map, and Valley of the Dead. In addition, Epic League has increased the rewards for high-ranking players, making the competition more exciting for players ranked second through tenth.

The Executive Director of Epic League, Jay Kim, expressed his excitement about these new features. “We are excited to add the Time Trial dungeon and Valley of the Dead map to Dark Throne. These new features will present players with an enthralling challenge, and we can’t wait to see their reaction.”

Along with these new features, Dark Throne’s weekly updates have continued to add new content, such as the recently added Altar of Blessing, Attack Lucky Chances, and Forgotten Temple with the new boss, Asmodeus. Additionally, Epic League has confirmed that they intend to continue updating the game with new characters, items, and game modes in order to keep players engaged for the foreseeable future.

With the addition of the Time Trial dungeon and Valley of the Dead PvP map, Epic League has once again demonstrated its commitment to delivering Dark Throne players with an engaging and dynamic gaming experience.

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