Dragon Eggs Have Hatched & The Market is Open! (6/12)

    Everdragons is the first blockchain game where your crypto collectibles are powered by real life events!

    Everdragons are 100% unique, no two are the same. They vary in design, color, origin, domain and Power Source. These aspects are written into the Everdragons DNA, embedded in the Ethereum Blockchain, and can never be altered. Everdragons are driven by powers beyond the Blockchain, with a Power Source number that connects each dragon to an outside source.

     You can compete in many different contests and competitions, like the upcoming Dragon Race, earning Gems and Ether on the way. You also have options to buy more Everdragons, sell or trade your Everdragons, in the Market!

     There is no breeding in the Everdragons game, however there are generations and the Original Gen 0 Everdragons have a secret trait that will make it “very special”. These Gen 0 Everdragons are available in the market, now!

     An important factor for the value of a collectible is its scarcity. To support a stable and slightly increasing value, the number of Everdragons is controlled by the scarcity control algorithm (SCA) which allows your Everdragons to become more valuable as time goes by.

     One more thing, the more you play, the more prestige and gems your Everdragons get, and the more valuable your Everdragon becomes! 

*Thank You for playing, please check out out media channels:

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  1. Very promising project and very helpful community, You can Bet ,Trade and even earn Eth with your dragons
    Races will start soon and market place is live

  2. The Dragons are all unique and awesome! Come for the dragons and betting… and the Customer Service will keep you.

    This game is the Doublethreat. Awesome game. Responsive team who aims to please!

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