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NEO-Blockchain Game Contestants Interview Series | Yuyang from H5 Games: The genre of battling game bosses is an eternal classic.

In recent years “placement” type games have gradually emerged on mobile phones. The selling point of such games for gamers is the freeing up of time from uneventful gameplay to help them enjoy the game more as a whole and the facility of tracking scores ​​is the other entertaining feature. They are a little more suited towards the lazy gamer and so it might take a little more work to peak the interest of the other gamers. Today our tournament committee invited Yuyang from Run Game Network to participate in this special interview and to share some of his ideas about “placement” games and blockchain technology. Yuyang stated that their game will be based on the properties of leisure games and have a strong interactive gameplay, which includes battling bosses. With the addition of blockchain technology this combo will protect the game results of players and be an overall improvement for the games’ dynamics.

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Tournament Committee: Hello Yuyang, please introduce your team and your game entry.

Yuyang: Hello, we are a team that focuses on research and development for H5 Games. There are nearly 20 people on our team and all of them are young, full of energy and love games. Our team members are optimistic about the wide reach of H5 Games and aim to obtain a place in this game industry for H5 Games. Our entry for this competition is called “Twilight for the Gods: Raytheon.” This is a H5 automatic “placement” strategy game based on the histories of Nordic and ancient Chinese mythology. The core gameplay involves aspects such as interacting with fellow players, defeating and capturing bosses and collecting treasures.

The player can select from one of two camps that are mutually antagonistic


Tournament Committee: This is the first time you are integrating blockchain technology into one of your games. Has the project been progressing smoothly?

Yuyang: It is currently going very well. In terms of the game we have completed development of all the main features and will continue to follow-up and do some more optimization to ensure that this blockchain game will be played in the best possible state.


Tournament Committee: What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of “placement” games? Is the combination of this type of game with blockchain technology a good pairing?

Yuyang: Placement games involves the process of changing the game from a complex to a simple one and it is their biggest advantage. As its name suggests, it is a placeable one. This helps the gamer easily build their character’s growth and income (ex. gain experience, gold coins, equipment, etc.) and core game time can be focused on PvP battles, copying teams and other relatively more gameable items. It also means that with less time spent on developing their characters more time is available for them to experience the strong game interaction and gameplay. Disadvantages of placement games are that they have high gameplay homogeneity, single functions, and low operability. Currently, most of the games on the market are very similar types of placement games. There are very few that can attract players with their own unique characteristics. This makes it easy for players to become uninterested with any new homogenized “placement” game release. Also the functions of placement games are usually simple and less stylized than other types of games. If there are no features, players will easily abandon it in a short time. In terms of operability most of it is automatic and lower compared with ARPG and SLG games. But in spite of saying all that “placement” games merged with H5 and blockchain technology will be a great innovation! H5 technology enables games to operate on multiple ends offering players to enjoy the game at any and every time. Most importantly though it enables players the ability to generate some kind of revenue and then the significance of playing these games is no longer just for entertainment value but also for financial and investment rewards.

Test player character designs


Tournament Committee: Can you tell us about the general gameplay and characteristics of “Twilight for the Gods: Raytheon”?

Yuyang: The main gameplay typically will be for the players to try and gain experience, gold coins and materials. Players can transform themselves into gods according to their personal preferences and become the gods from Northern European (Nordic) and ancient Chinese mythologies. Each god has his/her own unique appearance, attributes, and skills; particularly in PvP mode each god has his/her own position (tank, healer, damage per second) and players need to defeat game bosses through teamwork with teammates to ultimately receive a dropped reward. This game is supported on all platforms including mobile devices such as phones and tablets.    

The BOSS’s lair is a place for player PK


Tournament Committee: This game sounds very in depth, how did you implement blockchain technology?

Yuyang: What we used blockchain tech for was in the cross-game trading features. For example, players in our game can use our blockchain currency to sell or buy properties or gold coins directly. Players can also obtain our blockchain currency by killing game bosses (the game will direct drop the currency into your account!) This whole transaction chain offers the opportunity for players to enjoy playing the game while making some capital!


Tournament Committee: Some other games can also be played to make money. What is the difference between your game and those ones?

Yuyang: It is undeniable that all games have a life cycle, Raytheon uses the classic game mode in which all valuable game assets can be obtained by defeating level bosses. This together with the differences of investment, circulation and sustainability make our gameplay and mechanics more in line with blockchain type games than the others.

You can capture the BOSS in its lair


Tournament Committee: The objective of defeating and capturing game bosses seems like it will be extremely fierce because the dropping of rare items after the battle won will be equivalent to collecting real money.

Yuyang: That’s right! Players will capture bosses in order to obtain blockchain coins. Moreover, blockchain coins have a lot of room to appreciate in value. This will not only add to the appeal of game but also increase the competitiveness in it. This becomes a virtuous cycle, where the playability of the game will increase then with this increase the transaction flows of our blockchain currency will also increase.


Tournament Committee: Thank you for sharing the development experience of your “placement” blockchain game “Twilight for the Gods: Raytheon” with us and we wish you success in our competition!

Yuyang: Thank you! I also wish all the competitors a complete success!


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