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Our Sneak Preview Of Token Tycoon

An online multiplayer strategy game that allows players from all around the world to collectively manage and build their own business empire.


As blockchain technology is growing at an astronomical pace, various industries have already begun implementing this technology to better equip them for the future. One industry that has taken the blockchain world by storm is Gaming.

With over 10 years of game development and publishing experience, and an international team from 10 different countries, we at MOBOX developed our very first blockchain game Ether Online. In just a short 3 months, we have received global recognition by creating the first ever blockchain game with true Role Playing Game elements released on the Ethereum Network.

After endless discussions with the community and careful consideration and analysis of the current industry we have decided to suspend updates for Ether Online. We deeply regret having to make such a decision as our goal has always been to work with you to create a game where great suggestions and ideas can come into fruition. To compensate our great community we have made plans for the transferring of tokens, making use of interoperability on the blockchain. All pets (WAR TOKEN), legendary equipment (WAR TOKEN), and Marketplace Dividends (EOST TOKEN) can be transferred to our new game Token Tycoon. (Transfer plans will be updated on

MOBOX’s goal continues to be the same, to work with the community and utilize the never-ending possibilities of blockchain technology to create a truly decentralized ecosystem from game mechanics to decision making.


TToken Transfer – By taking advantage of interoperability on the blockchain, Ether Online players will be able to transfer certain tokens from Ether Online to Token Tycoon, giving each token holder more value.

Wallet – MOBOX will be developing our own wallet to be integrated into Token Tycoon, giving users a seamless game experience and lowering the barrier for users that are new to blockchain. Users will no longer need to install third party plug-ins like metamask to reap the benefits of blockchain gaming.

Cross-platform – To maximize the audience and provide users with an on-the-go experience, Token Tycoon will be fully cross-platform where users will be able to experience the game through their PC and their iOS and Android devices.

Game Experience – By combining ERC721 and ERC20 tokens, Token Tycoon will reduce the friction between users and the blockchain. This will create a near frictionless gaming experience and at the same time greatly reducing the cost of GAS.

Incentive System – In Ether Online, 50% of all input was returned to the players. However, in Token Tycoon 70% of all input will be redistributed back to the users with 30% remaining for the developers used for the continuing development, operations, and marketing for Token Tycoon. We have also redesigned the redistribution to create a long-term and sustainable economy.



In Token Tycoon, users will be tasked with the goal of becoming the greatest tycoon in the world of crypto by building their own conglomerate of businesses in a capital market. Combining the key aspects of creating a successful business from location to personnel, users will need to use their business acumen and skills to achieve certain goals within the game. Users will need to hire a manager to deal with their daily tasks, open businesses from different industries to diversify their income, hire specific talent to increase the efficiency of their supply chain, build different buildings to increase revenue and much more. Users will even have the option to borrow and loan from the bank to help them with stabilizing their cash-flow!

In the market, users will be able to trade different resources found in the game. Users will also be required to choose their nationality or “group” creating a gameplay experience that emphasizes cooperation. Each group will consist of one leader whose main goal is to guide group members to find and generate more resources to increase their market value as a whole. Users will also compete to be the leader of the different industries in the game that will allow them further increase their market value.

When your company reaches the top in market value or in the preferred industry, users will be rewarded currency. For those who aren’t able to reach the required market value for whatever reason, but carefully strategizes how they build up their businesses efficiently have a chance to receive an investment fund from within the game allowing them to also be rewarded with currency. Furthermore, various events for players will give everyone a chance to earn bonus currency within the game.


Basic Features:

Tycoon Token (TT TOKEN) – The Tycoon Token is an ERC20 Token on the Ethereum Network which is also the only in-game currency. Those who operate their company with greater efficiency the more Tycoon Tokens they will receive per unit of time. Tycoon Token can be used to launch new businesses upgrade existing business, upgrade personnel talent, invest, and much more.

Market Value – A user’s market value will be determined by a combination of systems within the game including business management strategy, management of personnel, cooperation with others, choice of location for specific buildings, daily business decisions, and much more.

Manager (MTT TOKEN) – Managers are a ERC721 token on the blockchain and considered as one of the integral systems in the game. Managers will increase the maximum number of buildings that can be built, increase the number of customers making purchases through your different businesses, increase sales volume, increase floating capital, and much more.

Building (BTT TOKEN) – Buildings are a ERC721 token on the blockchain and also considered as an integral system in the game. Depending on how the user organizes their building layout on the map, placement strategy will increase certain benefits for your businesses. BTT TOKEN will be limited.

Shop (STT TOKEN) – The first version of the game will consist of 18 shops with various upgrades. Depending on certain criteria and combinations, users will be able to strategically increase the production of various shops.

Talent (TTT TOKEN) – Talent is also an ERC721 token that can be hired and traded on the talent market. Talent personnel will be used to manage your different shops and businesses. Each Talent consists of different qualities and levels. Strategically assigning and managing talent will be a key indicator of one’s market value.

Bank – The Bank is one of the most important features of Token Tycoon. TT tokens will be uploaded to the blockchain. When a user needs financing or is short of TT Tokens they will be able to apply for a loan from the bank with a low interest rate, giving users significant control of their capital.


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