Chibi Fighters: A game you can actually play (7/12)

Breeding your gazillionth cat? .. or butchering your friend and take all his Ether?

Chibi Fighters chose to deliver first, then do the talk. So while we create a great experience for you, you can enjoy everything that already works and is released. We develop and publish as we go along.

No bullshit promises

Fight for Ether free of Gwei in our off chain currency that can be converted into real Ether any time.Fuse your Chibis, sell your offspring, our players yield 3x returns meanwhile. All on chain, all ERC721 compliant.

Heck, we have an entire page explaining you how to make money with and within Chibi Fighters.

You want to play yet another cheap as chips looking game that doesn’t make you another cent? Safe yourself the stress and get a decent xbox or ps4 game.

OR .. you want to be rewarded with shit that makes you money? Or just humiliate your stupid as friend? Show off a bit who’s king of the block?

Or maybe you rather team up and destroy everyone else with your gang? Yeah you can’t do yet, sorry.

Chibi Fighters might just be what you are looking for.

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Written by Chibi Fighters

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