Exclusive Interview With The CEO of Bit.Game, Eric Sun


The effects of the blockchain gaming industry has not only been felt here but also around the world and none more so than in China. With the population being just over 1.4 billion people there is a good chance we can find some blockchain gaming industry related diamonds in the rough and we were lucky to find one of the largest diamonds out there which is Bit.Game.  They were kind enough to give us an opportunity in finding more about their company and their vision through this interview with their CEO, Eric Sun.

1) Hello Mr.Sun, can you please tell us about your team and how BIT.GAME came about?

Our team members have abundant experiences in game development and publishing. Game is the core strength of Internet, and we believe that game will be the core strength of blockchain as well. we spend a lot of time on blockchain games and find out that there are two problems for game industry, as token circulation and technology support. so, our project is designed to solve these two problems.

2) Please briefly explain to the gamers the terms vertical exchange, Baas and Eaas and how these will apply to them?

BIT.GAME processes 4 business models.

EXCHANGEBIT.GAME is the world’s first digital asset exchange for blockchain games, it will not only grow together with all the members but also share benefits through PoC Mining Pool and Double Repurchase Program with global game players as well as exchange users.

SOLUTIONBIT.GAME provides an original and complete set of development kits for traditional game publishers based

PLATFORMBIT.GAME Platform is based on DAICOs, and it offers technical support, incubation funds and asset trading for all the innovative, high-potential blockchain game projects.

AIDEXBIT.GAME will construct the next generation of decentralized exchange jointly with Matrix AI Network based on AI and blockchain technology,which has larger transaction loop and lower cost.

3) We are starting to see that some dApp games have had their ICO and Token offerings fail. Will your platform help avoid this type of issue and how?

We will use DAICOs in our Platform to help them raise money.

4) Do you believe that the competing gaming companies will actually accept the idea of cross currency and digital asset exchanges across their platforms? How will you get the gaming companies together on seeing eye to eye?

Actually, blockchain games will help game developers to create a better, more ideal development environment. In games, developers are more focused on creating game content, rather than interest related designs such as game pay. We will help hold some meetups with game developers , blockchain developers and investors in Beijing, China.

5) Bit.Game sounds like a very large endeavor. How will your platform bridge all the gaps?

Exchange is the core of our project. Solution and Platform are built to support our exchange.


6) Has your planned roadmap been a smooth journey so far or have there been  many unexpected difficulties and changes that has happened which has changed the path for Bit.Game in anyway?

Yes, these are some changes about our roadmap, but we eventually we pay more attention on our exchange.

7) Because Bit.Game has been developed in Asia do you plan on targeting and expanding  your platform into other countries?

Asia has the most game developer groups so we will make our root in Asia, but we have a plan to build our community in Europe , US and BRAZIL.


8) There seems to be similar competing platforms to Bit.Game, what would you say is Bit.Game’s advantages over them?

Most of them still serve for traditional games not blockchain games. BIT.GAME did a lot of work to research and promote the development progress of blockchain games. Think more, do further, so come our advantages out.


9) What is the significance and purpose of establishing the GBGU and BGDL and how are they tied with Bit.Game?

GBGU is a business organization that helps blockchain game companies get resources faster to advance project progress, which is initiated by BIT.GAME and have a partnership with BIT.GAME.

BGDL is a technical department to jointly advance the progress of blockchain game technology, which is under the control of BIT GAME Foundation.

10) Where do you plan for BIT.GAME to be headed for in 5-10 years?

BIT.GAME’s Vision is to build the biggest blockchain game ecosystem in 5 years. After 5 years, there is too much uncertainty to say. But for us, what we’ll only remember is the initial vision that we’ll bring innovation to this industry and grow together with all partners and users.

We’d like to thank Mr.Eric Sun and BIT.GAME very much for taking the time to talk with for this exclusive interview.

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