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ETHEREMON – A Gamified Investment

ETHEREMON is a decentralized world of Ether monsters (Mons) built on Ethereum network. One of the first games built on blockchain technology, ETHEREMON enables players to:

  • Capture Mons to form a powerful team

  • Train Mons to transform into stronger forms, or lay eggs to expand the team

  • Battle against teams of other Monseekers to up your rank and gain reward.

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Unlike most of the block chain games which are now only revolving around buying, breeding and trading in-game characters or items only. ETHEREMON pioneered in bringing an interactive gameplay with many battle modes so that players can have fun playing with each other. But it’s not the only thing that set Etheremon apart from the competition. Vision of Etheremon, according to Founder Naka Nhu, is to bring to players Game Experience 3.0, where Decentralization meets Virtual Reality and shape the future of gaming. Let’s spare Game 3.0 concept sharing some time later. In this article, lets’ talk about one of key differences between ETHEREMON and non-decentralized games: the investment aspect.

While having fun in the ETHEREMON world, you are also expanding your investment portfolio. Here’s how:

Trade your high-valued Etheremons

There are 2 ways to collect Mons, either to buy them from the Official Store or buy it off The Market from other MonSeekers.

Everytime a Mon is bought from the official store, its price listed on the store will increase. Most Mons are also limited in supply. Once a species is depleted from the store, players can only buy it from the market.

Hence, just like in investment, players definitely would want to start early in ETHEREMON. The early MonSeekers can collect more Mons and trade them on the market at appreciated value.

MonSeekers can also train their Mons through game activities to level up and trade them on the market. If their Mons have the ability to lay eggs, MonSeekers can sell their newly hatched Mons off on the market at a more competitive price than the official store.

Market Interface – Level up Mons and sell out on the market at much higher price

Lastly, some Mons have the ability to transform into stronger forms (Form 2 and 3). The transformed Mons with much stronger ability are not sold on the offical store and can only be achieved by rigorous training or traded from another player. These rare, powerful Mons will be hunted by many, and their owners will be able to trade them for ETH with great profit.

Cobrus can transform into Dracobra

According to Etheremon team, their data from March to April 2018 showed that on average, players are making 400% return selling their Mons on the market. In the same period, the highest priced Mon was sold at 4.99 ETH (USD$2500 at the time of transaction), a whopping 4990% profit from the initial investment of 0.1 ETH. Total market volume of Mons-trading was at 100 ETH in April, not to mention Mons-lending market. Oh, it has not been mentioned that players can even lend theirs Mons to other teams for some fees, hasn’t it? It’s a cool feature right there!

If you just love to build a strong army and bringing them to battles, fret not cause trading is not the only way to bring you profit in the world of ETHEREMON. Players can also:

Mine and exchange EMONT

EMONT is the in-game currency, an ERC-20 token, which is worth about USD$0.5 as of the published date of this article. There are only 20 million EMONT available in the ETHEREMON world: 5% is reserved for the development team, 25% is set aside for Community Growth activities and 70% are to be rewarded to MonSeekers.

How EMONT will be distributed

Players will earn EMONT from some game activities (winning battles, tournaments) and can use this currency to perform others (to buy eggs, build castle). Having abundant EMONT will help you stay ahead of other MonSeekers and build a strong army of Mons.

There is still ample EMONT in the ETHEREMON world at the moment, so you would stand a higher chance of accumulating them. As the saying goes: the early bird catches the worm. Early MonSeekers will be rewarded with more EMONT in the early phase of the game. Eventually, EMONT will be the main currency for all activities of ETHEREMON, including tradings.

At the moment, EMONT is tradable on RadarRelay exchange and is planned to be listed on other exchanges in the near future. EMONT can always be traded directly for ETH.

ETHEREMON is definitely well-positioned for long-term growth. As the platform grows and demand increases, there will be appreciation on the value of both EMONT and each player’s army Mons.

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