CrpytoHorse Interview: The Decentralised Block Chain Horse-Race


Hello, we are a crypto start up aimed at promoting cryptocurrencies in Africa and the world at large. We came across . We noticed an innovation using the block chain technology in the gaming industry. It did catch our interest since the gaming industry is quite big and when blended with block chain can lead to a giant project. We had an interview with the Crypto Horse team and here is what we gathered.

  1. CRYPTOAFRICA :Can you introduce your team and project ?                                                                                                                                             #CyptoHorse: We are a Blockchain Horse-Racing Game ecosystem. A decentralized APP with which you can breed Crypto horses for a horse race. Crypto Horse is an economic system around horse racing. Our team has scattered developers around the world. We see ourselves as a local company. Anyone can join us and use its strengths for this project.

      2. CRYPTOAFRICA : -How did you guys find each other?

         #CyptoHorse: We have agreed on the Discord, Telegram. The only obstacle           was the time difference. From the US to India or from Switzerland to Taiwan. I             look forward to the moment when the whole team comes together.

      3.CRYPTOAFRICA : Who came up with the idea?

        #CryptoHorse: The idea of developing games has always been a human                  instinct. Even as a child fascinated…Read more:

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