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Exclusive Interview With Mr.Pu Shi, CEO of One Game

For those who have not yet watched the Sci-Fi film “Ready Player One,” based on Ernest Cline’s bestseller, the narrative is set in the distant future and essentially revolves around a society finding deliverance in a VR dreamworld called the OASIS. This might sound somewhat unfathomable, doesn’t it? However Mr.Shi from One Game may have pieced together a way of using blockchain technology with Ai in his platform to make the story virtual reality a “Ready Player One.Game” actuality and much sooner than we think!


1) Hello Mr.Shi, please introduce yourself and tell us how you came up with the idea for your great platform?

I worked in Google New York office as a Software Engineer for three and half years, and left my job to become an Entrepreneur since 2013.  I was the co-founder of, which was the largest used-car website targeting Chinese immigrants in the United States; and I developed multiple mobile games together with some of my current team members, and those game products obtained more than 10 millions of downloads. Since 2017, I learned about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and invested into more than 20 ICO projects, and also advised several of them in technology and marketing; I am very active in the blockchain community of China and USA, and utilized my tech background and business connections very well.

By making games I enjoyed the process of creating the virtual world, and I always wanted to create such a thing that enables everyone to become the creator of the world, and I believe blockchain provides the best solution. I was also inspired by many different products or projects, including IMVU, Second Life, Minecraft, Roblox, and Decentraland, but One Game will be better than all of the above. One Game will be the world’s first truly decentralized virtual world built on top of blockchain empowerd by AI!


2) The Avatar Wallet seems to be the gateway onto your platform, can you explain how important it is and what it’s main purposes are?

An avatar is every player’s digital representation of in the virtual world of One Game. Obviously it’s important that we spend enough time on it. With this product, we want people to create avatars, and use them to play mini games, interact with friends, and make poses and share to social network. And of course, it’s also a wallet, with which people can receive and transfer crypto-currencies.

Engineering wise, building such a wallet product is much easier than building the whole thing of a virtual world, and it helps us to get users and feedbacks earlier.

3) How will the Ai in your platform be integrated? Also why did you decide to go with the second party, Deep Brain Chain to support you on this?

AI is very important and it will be the brain of One Game. It not only facilitates the process of creating world, but also empowers the NPC. However, it’s a long term plan, and also we won’t start the work on AI until we finish the fundamental components.

Deepbrain Chain is our very important partner and investor, they will provide us help not only in AI computing infrastructure, but will also share us resources in R&D.

4) Did you explore other blockchains before deciding to base your One Game Token on the Ethereum blockchain?

I also programmed with NEO and QTUM. Ethereum has its advantage in many aspects: 1) It’s most stable and secure. 2) It’s accepted by most wallets and exchanges. 3) Solidity grammer is simple enough.

But of course, Ethereum is expensive and slow. In the future, probably next year, we may want to swap our tokens to be DBC-based (DBC will launch its main-net in October 2018, and will have high TPS). Right now we are not worried about it yet.


5) Have you thought about how your platform will handle the occasional Ethereum network tie ups and inflated gas prices?

In the early stage, our platform will be partially centralized, and we will use centralized servers to handle most of the user requests, and most of the transactions happen off blockchain.

In the future, we will gradually migrate our services to become a fully decentralized solution, by that time, either DBC or Ethereum will be fast enough.


6) What components of your platform will be utilizing blockchain technology? Have you encountered many difficulties incorporating blockchain?

Currently we mainly use blockchain for the following purposes: 1) Incentive Program: players and developers will receive rewards from a pool. 2) Tracking virtual goods and items. 3) Consensus and voting: players and developers are the owners of the platform. In the future: 1) Managing computing and storage resources 2) Managing AI data and models

7) The Open Platform seems to be limiting for game devs in terms of what games they can initially create. Will you continue to expand your SDK and Developer Tools for them that will allow for more creative freedom in their future game development?

Yes and no.

Yes, because we want to provide developers the best tools and SDKs, so that they can create games easily, and we want to expand the tools and SDKs as much as we can.

No, because our goal is not to create another game engine, and compete with Unity3D. The games in the platform need to use avatars or virtual items defined in the One Game world. And also the games will be mostly 1st or 3rd person view, as this is the way we observe the real world, and we want to give players the same experience.

8) Please explain what is Master Game and how is it different from the Open Platform?

It’s an MMORPG, and it’s one of the many games available in the Open Platform. We create this game to give developers an example of what can be created using our SDK.

It will be open source, and we welcome developers to fork it into new games. You can think it of as one of the many parallel universes in the world of One Game. Players have the freedom to play our master game or play other forked games.


9) Why according to your Roadmap will the VR client feature be released on your platform at a much later time?

We want to focus on mobile devices first. Mobile is the most popular platform and has the most users. Migrating from mobile to VR content is not a very hard task. Basically, it’s the same gameplay and 3D models and shares most of the code, expect that we need to add new ways of user interaction.

10) A big day for One Game is coming up with your crowdsale launch on July 20th. How have you prepared for this event?

We are working hard on it, and trying every method to promote our project. The crypto market is not very good now. But we will do our best.


11) Can you explain to the users on your platform how they will be able to earn tokens by deploying a mining service?

The mining process won’t be ready until some point in the next year. But the idea is that people who help us hosting our game servers will earn OGT tokens. Again, we will work with Deepbrain Chain to make this process easy for most people.

The imagined steps are: 1) Download One Game code from github and compile it into a binary. 2) Upload the binary to Deepbrain Chain computing platform and run it. 3) Spend DBC to earn OGT tokens. 4) Monitor the service to make sure it’s working.


12) For those that dont know please tell us what Proof of Popularity and Proof of Competitiveness is and how they will work with your platform?

The two ranks are for developers and players, respectively. They measure the developers or the players contribution to the platform. The higher your contributions are, the better ranks you will get. By developing games and playing games, you can increase your ranks. By increasing your ranks, you get more rewards from the Incentive Program, and have higher voting powers.

13) What will be the indicators that you know when One Game will be completely decentralized and can be governed by the developers and gamers?

A few indicators: 1) How stable is our code base? 2)  How strong are the developers’ and players’ communities? 3) Whether the voting process is functioning in an expected way.


14) What is the end goal for One Game? Do you think your vision will be achievable in the near future?

End goal: Building a wonderful virtual world that everyone will enjoy. Yes, the goal is achievable in the near future (say 3 – 5 years). But it’s also endless. You can see that our real world is getting better everyday; so will be the virtual world of One Game.


We’d like to thank Mr.Pu Shi very much for taking the time out of this busy schedule to talk with for this exclusive interview.

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