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Ether League Presale Available Now!

Ether League is a role-playing game based on blockchain technology. The presale of the Genesis Heroes and Tribe Shares has started!

Genesis Heroes Presale:

There are total of 500 Genesis Heroes in Ether League and that are being put into the Smart Contract. Players can only acquire the Genesis Heroes during the Presale period. Each Genesis Hero has the Legendary quality with special stats (full stats). 20% of the income generated from the Heroes Presale will be put into the Presale Jackpot. Players have a 1% chance to win the Jackpot for each Genesis Hero purchased. Players can own multiple Genesis Heroes but only one can be sent to each battle.

Tribe Shares Presale:

Only 50 tribes shares are available for Presale. When the game officially launches each share will receive 0.2% of the total income of the Hero Summon and 1.2% of the total income of the Marketplace.

There are 5 different qualities, classes and tribes for each hero. Use three heroes of same tribe, same class, and same quality to fuse to a higher quality hero of the same kind. The fused hero will be at the level of the highest hero out of the three. The game isn’t simply competition around only the hero’s quality.


Invitation Bonuses:

When you log into MetaMask, there is an invitation link on the home page for you to share with your friends. For each successful invitation, the referrer will receive a 10% rebate on the referrers spending (A Smart Contract will automatically execute each transaction). Also for each 5 successful invitations, the inviting player will receive a free summon, maximum 2 free summons for each player.



There are 3 Jackpots available in the game: Presale Jackpot, Battle Power Jackpot and Lucky Draw. Players can gain their profit from 60% of income in Ether League from the jackpots.

a) Presale Jackpot –  20% of the income generated from Presale will be put into the Presale Jackpot.  Each Tribe presold will have a 2% chance to win the total Presale Jackpot. A player has a 1% chance to win the Jackpot for each Genesis Hero purchased. Players can own multiple Genesis Heroes but only one can be sent to each battle. If there is a remaining balance in the Jackpot at the end of the Presale Period that balance will be put into Battle Power Jackpot after the game launch.

b) Battle Power (BP) Jackpot – 60% of the total income will be put into Jackpots, out of which 40% will go into the BP Jackpot, which will distribute rewards according to the players’ BP and Arena Rankings (balance 20% will be distributed through other Jackpots). Rewards will be given to players by their BP ratio (60%) and Arena Ranking (40%). For example, if a player has 1,000 BP while the total BP of all players is 10,000, and let’s say there is 20 ETH in the BP Jackpot, such player will receive 10% of this 60% BP Jackpot, which is 1.2 ETH (20 ETH x 60% x 10%).  The remaining balance of 40% of BP Jackpot will be given away in accordance to players’ Arena Ranking. (Actual ratio may change after the official game launch)

c) Lucky Draw – In lucky draw, players can spin a wheel to claim different rewards to boost your Heroes or ETH! It’s a great opportunity to win your rewards!


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