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Join The Pre-Sale For NEW Crypto Gaming Experience ‘Pirate Conquest’!

Pirate Conquest is a brand new Cryptogame built entirely on the blockchain. Players will find themselves recruiting a variety of Pirate characters to their crew, upgrading ships, forming alliances, thieving, and more!

Exclusive Pirate Life Built On The Blockchain

On June 22nd, the team is commencing the pre-sale event for Pirate Conquest, allowing all interested players to get a head start before the game has it’s full launch. There will be three unique Pirates available for sale, with numbers limited to 30 of each Pirate. This is the ONLY time these Pirates will be available for direct purchase. After this you will have to obtain these Pirates by trading for, recruiting, or stealing them from other players directly in the full game.

A major noteworthy feature here is integration with two major established blockchain games: CryptoKitties and CryptoCountries. The first will allow players in possessing a CryptoKitties token to generate an entirely new kind of ERC721 pirate cat for use in Pirate Conquest. These cats will help players protect their resources from mice, allowing them to gain a slight advantage. To note the maximum CryptoKitties that can be exchanged to Pirate Kitties is nine. The latter will see players owning CryptoCountries gain a boost to their Honor production, greatly assisting their alliance in battles.

Just look at this fluffy little scallywag – He keeps mice away from your precious resources and he’s adorable to boot!

Players get one pirate boat when they start the game, which they will upgrade with one of the main resources of Pirate Conquest: Wood. After recruiting pirates from a crew of 9 different characters, each with a unique backstory and art, players will be obtaining equipment from opening chests, and using it to set sail in the high seas plus engage in battle. Pirates can be stolen from other players, by paying a higher recruitment fee to the original owner.

A special element here is that a player who owns all 9 unique Pirates at the same time becomes the “King of Pirates”. This player can then plunder from the market, no doubt getting filthy rich in the process.

Three of these Pirates are only available in limited quantities during the pre-sale – as such, anyone who buys one now is all but sure to make a tidy profit when someone steals it from them for a higher value.

Don’t miss your chance to secure one of these for yourself!

Join the Pirate Conquest Pre-Sale!

In order to protect their Pirates from being stolen by other people, players need to upgrade their Pirates by taking part in more battles to earn EXP. In a future update of Pirate Conquest, players will be able to form alliances and compete for “Honor”, which can be obtained by winning battles or selling cannonballs. We’ve done our best to create a system that both rewards the most invested and active players, as well as provide a fun experience for the casual or uncommitted users.

A roadmap is available for the project, where in the first version players will be able to recruit pirates, craft items, and improve their ships all in an effort to get a dividend payout from the player accumulated in-game pot. Future updates will see the inclusion of a marketplace, alliances, an interesting system referred to as “King of Pirates”, and much much more!


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