Cryptic Conjure Pre-Sale Announcement!

Lucid Sight Publishing is proud to announce…outright excited, even…that the pre-sale for its first published title, Cryptic Conjure, is going live at noon PDT on August 2nd. Cryptic Conjure is a multiplayer fantasy action-RPG built in Unreal Engine 4 and the Ethereum blockchain. Gameplay is fast and furious; players will be using combat spells and melee attacks to bring down massive enemies in expansive dungeons with their friends. This is a new wave of blockchain-enabled titles…ones that every bit belong in the pantheon of traditionally beloved titles.

The pre-sale will give players the ability to obtain unique items, spell components, equipment, and a variety of other perks that will give them not only an edge in combat when the game releases, but an edge in economics. Players will be able to leverage their resources to set up services to help other players craft powerful spells, charging any fee they’d like in the process. Play the market, earn some ETH. In addition, we’re selling four seats onto the Council of Nine, a political body that will vote on a variety of issues every several weeks. Wield a type of power rarely seen in games: the ability to determine massive change throughout the game world. Prices are set up to increase over time, and supplies are limited. Head over to on August 2nd to be the first to pick up everything you’ll need when the game releases!

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Press release article from Lucid Sight Publishing.

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