Gamification, The Future Of The Crypto Evolution

There has been a lot of action in the cryptocurrency community recently. This has been equally true for the Phoneum team, who recently announced the release of three new apps on both the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Phoneum first emerged in 2017 with the vision of being a mobile-only cryptocurrency. Those app releases on both platforms show that the small international team has big power behind them and lots of future potential.

The three new apps, Cloud Earning PHM, Crypto Treasures, and Cannon Blast, form an interconnected ecosystem for new and seasoned cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike to learn about and interact with various cryptocurrencies while playing simple, fun games.

Much like Phoneum’s original mobile-only mining app from early 2018, Cloud Earning PHM allows the user to passively earn PHM tokens, the native cryptocurrency for the Phoneum network. While there is no “hash” work or “mining” being done on the device itself, a unique Proof of Time (POT) algorythm rewards players in the cloud. It also includes a feature for users to withdraw their PHM tokens to an external ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet.

Cannon Blast is a pirate-themed challenge game that gives the user a fun time-killing way to earn Gold, an in-game currency that can be used to earn even more PHM and other various cryptocurrencies in the Crypto Treasures app.

The third app, Crypto Treasures, is a mobile game that gives the user opportunities to use their earned PHM and Gold to participate in quests and other fun and simple tasks that allow them to earn additional Gold, PHM, and many other cryptocurrencies including The Currency Analytics (TCAT Token). Eventually, ERC20 and BTC wallets will be built into the app to allow the users to have greater control over how to store and use their earned cryptocurrency treasures.

Altogether, these three new apps are meant to provide anyone with an easy way to begin interacting with cryptocurrencies and have fun while doing so.

So what’s next?

Like many blockchain projects, the native Phoneum token, PHM, has utility as a digital currency. It can be used to send or hold value much like physical money. However, Phoneum is intended to be much more than just another piece of digital money that happens to be user-friendly, fast, and energy efficient.

Phoneum is a platform for interconnected games and assets. For example, right now you can earn Gold in Cannon Blast and you can earn PHM in the Cloud Earning PHM app and then use them in Crypto Treasures. This is the basic concept: to be able to earn and use digital assets in any applicable environment, but what if this could be done on the blockchain?

What if you had a car you bought and upgraded in a car racing game and could later transfer it to another racing game you wanted to play? What if you earned gold in a fantasy role-playing game and were able to use it in a civilization-building real-time strategy game?

These are just couple of examples of the possibilities Phoneum wants to provide in the world of mobile digital asset management. While each of these examples have been about video games, that is certainly not the limit.

This concept could easily be extended to other tangible assets such as customer loyalty rewards, tickets and passes, and anything else where users and developers or members and clubs want to make their assets more universally accessible.

As far as technology goes, it is no secret that cryptocurrency and blockchain are still in their infancy. Projects like Phoneum seek to make the revolution easily-accessible and real-world applicable. Making cryptocurrency and blockchain simple and approachable will help get these ideas into the hands and minds of everyday people who can benefit from and help push forward the movement for greater freedom and control of individual assets.

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