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0xGames and Arkane partners to make user-friendly blockchain games

0xGames is happy to announce that they have joined Arkane’s network.

Arkane network is a wallet-as-a-Service provider, they want to support the development of new monetization systems and offer users better access & ownership of their digital goods. They focus on eliminating blocking issues in blockchain such as offer frictionless user onboarding experience.

0xGames is a game studio which builds open economy games powered by blockchain. Their experienced development team allows them to build strong games on multiple blockchains.

One of their better-known game titles are 0xUniverse, where players can build spaceships, explore the galaxy, and colonize planets. And 0xWarriors, a multiplayer RPG that lets players manage squads of up to five warriors and equip them with hundreds of unique weapons and armor.

Since blockchain gaming is a new and exciting space, it is still battling with some issues to attract the big masses. One of which is poor user experience, leading to a drop off rate of more than 90%! To attract mainstream gamers, some pain points need to be solved first.

This makes Arkane the perfect wallet solution for 0xGames as it solves several of these blocking hurdles to facilitate the mainstream gamer. Such as

  • providing wallets when needed. 
  • ability to develop for mobile, web and desktop
  • users don’t need to install any additional software
  • offering multilingual customer support

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Written by Karel Striegel

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