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Kingdoms Beyond – Developer Update 0.1

The team has been hard at work designing and building their amazing game. These past weeks, they worked on building out a completely new world and developing pets. Here’s what’s new with Kingdoms Beyond.

Website Launch

This has been a long time coming and they are super excited to announce that they have launched their official website! Sign up for early access to receive great prizes.

World Update

Exciting news! This past week, they revamped their entire world, blocks, trees, bushes, flowers, and in-game assets. This allowed them to define a clear theme within the world.

The picture below shows their world before and new revamped world.

Before vs After

The first area that they wanted to establish within the Kingdoms Beyond universe is a small and cozy village where heroes are born. Small shops and houses populate the area. Farmers tend to their crops and sheep. It’s a very peaceful village.

Full render of an in-game scene

This full size render demonstrates the difference that their new assets add to the environment and theme of the world. In this open world, players can harvest resources from trees, crops, and stone to build new items and buildings.

You may have noticed the buildings and wondered what they are there for.

Homes are player owned buildings where heroes can rest up from their adventures.

Shops are player owned buildings where other players can buy and sell items that they have earned on their adventures.

Buildings can be built on plots of land that you control. Decorate your area with accessories and make it your own.

You might have also noticed that there are cute and fuzzy creatures following our heroes! They are mochi.

What are Mochi?

They briefly mentioned pets in previous articles but didn’t dive into them. Pets are an item that can be equipped by Heroes. In the Kingdoms Beyond universe, they are referred to as Mochi. Maybe it’s because they look so similar in shape to mochi!

Kingdoms Beyond Mochi

Mochi are mystical creatures, no one really knows where they came from, but it is rumored that they came from a hidden kingdom that is overflowing with them and some have escaped through portals into other kingdoms. Mochi are extremely loyal! They will follow your heroes just about everywhere, providing stat boosts and support in and out of battles.

These Mochi are inspired from the CryptoKitties universe. To learn more about CryptoKitties, visit their website.

Cryptokitties Mochi Collection

These Mochi are inspired by the Axie Infinity universe! Do you recognize any of them? To learn more about Axie Infinity, visit their website.

The Axie Infinity Mochi Collection

NOTE: They are not affiliated with Axie Infinity or CryptoKitties in any way but are big fans of their work in the blockchain gaming space.

How can I get my hands on Mochis?

Similar to heroes, Mochi are crypto collectibles, allowing you to trade and sell them as if you really own them.

Mochi will be available from their upcoming Founder Sale. Certain Mochi from their founder sale will be limited edition and will never be seen again. They will be releasing more details to come regarding their Founder sale.

Users can also earn Mochi by playing for free when the game is launched.

Giveaways and Social

The best way to connect with them is through their Discord. They will be doing several giveaways leading up to their release through Discord. Maybe you can get your hands on an early Mochi! (hint hint)

Come follow us on their journey!




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