Dark Country Genesis NFT-Land Sale on Flow: COMING MAY☠

Buenos dias, Dark Country and the entire cryptogamers community! We, the team of Dark Country, are happy to make two big announcements today.

First: We’ve recently partnered up with FLOW — one of the fastest growing and prospective NFT-supporting blockchains in the world — unleashing the power of the Dark Country multichain framework and taking the liquidity of our assets to the next level.

Second: In early May we’re launching the genesis Dark Country NFT Land Sale on Flow blockchain to develop our multi-chain-ability, and bring on board new audiences to increase the growth rate and sustainability of the Dark Country world.

Yes, a big opportunity is coming, and below we’ll give you all the details. If you’re new to the concept of the Dark Country Lands, please, check out this introductory article.

What is the Dark Country?💀

Originally, Dark Country started as an NFT trading collectible card game in the American Gothic setting, inspired by all-time classics like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering.

The Alpha version of the game is available for PC and Mac, and can be installed via the service. Today more than 50,000 PvP games have already been played, and the community continues developing through regular cash-prize tournaments, new game updates, and card sets releases.

In Dark Country you can:

📍 Pick one of four races;

📍 Build your deck of cards with creatures, spells and items and use them against another player online to defeat;

📍 Win when you reduce your opponent’s health to zero!

We offer you the multichain lands NFTs, designed to play, collaborate, and fight across several worlds — Dark Country Continents, each one based on a different blockchain (FLOW, WAX etc.) with an option to create more than one continent on a single blockchain.

Dark Country lands are the ultimate game assets that players can own in the Dark Country universe. Lands provide access to Quest (mining) zones, and generate Shadow Dimes currency for both landowners and players.

Each land has a key Influence parameter that depends on land’s rarity, position and overall land plot development status and hosted activities. The higher the Influence — the more Shadow Dimes go to the Landlord.

The Land & Cards Play2Earn Gameplay Integration🔧

To introduce the Lands and a whole new gameplay layer into Dark Сountry, we integrated existing card game mechanics to create an absolutely new Play2Earn experience both for players and Landlords:

💀 Main goal of a Landlord is to have the highest Influence level of a land plot. This can be done by making his land plot the most attractive for players by hosting game activities like PvPs and land development with buildings etc.

💀 Card game PvP battles will “take place” on Land plots, rewarding players and Landowners with Shadow Dimes for core in-game activity.

💀 The initial Land-based gameplay will happen via sending a “Deck” — a set of 5 or more Dark Country cards — on a quest on a chosen Land plot.

Land Plots Rarities

For the Genesis Dark Country Land Sale on Flow we will offer 4000 land plots.

Each land lies within a certain zone of the map: Mythical, Legendary, Epic, Rare and Common, and has an influencing parameter. The influence parameter impacts your land’s farming capabilities and is calculated depending on the zone rarity and a position relative to the central point.

Each land lies within a certain zone of the map: Mythical, Legendary, Epic, Rare and Common, and has an influencing parameter

Land Packs SALE

There will be three types of Land packs:
💣 Rancho — the smallest one

💣 Mayor’s — middle-sized

💣 Governor’s — the biggest one.

Each pack will contain a Land Plot card and some cards from a new Vampire set, so once unpacked, you will be able to claim a land and get your cards.

The bigger the pack, the more chances you will have to get a land plot with a higher rarity!

Moreover — each land plot will have a unique name!;)

Bonus: Exclusive Flow Vampire Cards 💉

We’ve created a set of 50 unique vampire cards that will be offered within the Land Sale packs for the FLOW users exclusively! Don’t miss your chance to own them! The whole Vampire set will be hard limited to 50 000 cards.


The Dark Country lands NFTs will be available for purchase with Flow tokens via the Blocto wallet. Miss something? Follow the link to Blocto to fill in the gap between you and your land!

You’ve got a land plot, what’s next?

Land plot provides you with guaranteed access to the land. However, lands can be different in terms of their rarity and how close they are to the center of the map.

The exact land plots positions will be determined randomly within the land rarities zones during Land packs unpacking.

The unpacking process:

Your packs will be available immediately when a purchase happens.

You can keep or trade them via Dark Country website or 3rd party marketplaces once they support our lands. Unpacking will be available within 4 weeks after the sale is done. Feel free to leave your email, so we will specifically let you know when the unpacker is live.


We welcome you to join our Land Pre-Sale Whitelist!

Only 2500 packs will be available in total, so we advise you to secure your Land packs today!

Important: no land packs may be left for Main Sale after the Pre-Sale is over.

Whitelist Rules: To enter the Pre-Sale you need to have a valid FLOW account with at least 7 FLOW (liquid or staked).

Before the launch of the Pre-Sale we will validate your account.

Number of packs of the same type is limited by 5 per one account. You can reserve a maximum of 15 packs.

The first 300 buyers from the whitelist will get our special bonus card pack with 5 random Dark Country cards.

We welcome you to join our Dark Country Land Pre-Sale Whitelist by filling out a simple form and secure your Land packs!💰

VISIT THE DARK COUNTRY GENESIS LAND SALE PAGE, hit the button and sit in the first row!

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