Japanese NFT Marketplace “Nanakusa” has now released its official service globally!

NFT by certified cryptoartists can be purchased and secondarily sold with Ethereum and Polygon.

SmartApp Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Jangdeok Ko, hereinafter referred to as SmartApp), a developer and operator of blockchain platform utilizing NFT (Non-Fungible Token), is pleased to announce the global release of the NFT marketplace Nanakusa, which can issue and sell NFTs to the global market as the 1st Japanese marketplace by individual artists.

The digital token “NFT (Non-Fungible Token)” market, which utilizes the features of blockchain technologies, has been expanding rapidly in recent years, and is attracting attentions in a wide range of genres such as designers, illustrators, writers, and music artists.

Under such circumstances, SmartApp released the NFT marketplace “nanakusa”, which is the first marketplace in Japan to issue and sell NFTs, available its service globally now.

The NFT marketplace “Nanakusa” is the place to sale of NFTs produced by authorized content holders, NFT distributors, and crypto artists who engage in individual activities (primary sales), and the sale and purchase activities of NFTs held by users (second sales). It is an NFT trading platform service.

Features of Nanakusa:

1) Support Ethereum / Polygon payment.
Payable and supported tokens to trade NFT on nanakusa are Ethereum and Polygon. Polygon is a typical sidechain of Layer 2 solutions that can run on Ethereum networks. By using Polygon, users can dramatically reduce the soaring GAS cost, which is a huge issue to use Ethereum nowadays.

2) Permanently return royalties to issuers even in secondary sales
If the NFT is issued on the nanakusa, the royalties will be permanently returned to the business operators / producers even when the users buy and sell during the secondary distribution. The royalties return rate can be set by each the business operators / producers when the NFT is issued.

3) Limited viewing right (PAT.P)
If use the NFT viewing right limitation function when issuing an NFT, you can limit the viewing of the original file of the issued NFT to the owner only. (Thumbnail image can be viewed by everyone) By using this function, for example, published e-books can be limited to owners only, which can promote it for secondary sales.

  • This function is currently patent pending.

4) Selectable / editable NFT file save place
Every NFTs published by nanakusa, user can select the place from file management server called IPFS, in addition to the nanakusa content server as a method for saving files such as images, videos, and e-books.

5) Automatic royalty distribution
By setting the royalty distribution in advance when issuing the NFT, it is possible to automatically distribute the royalty in the secondary sales to the wallet.

 Roadmap
The following roadmap is planned for nanakusa in the future.

・ Recruitment start for 2nd certified crypto artists
・ Implementation of sales function in auction format

・ Support credit card payment
・ Support additional payment by other chains

・ Support for new layer 2 solutions
・ OEM provision for NFT marketplace function (allows businesses to develop NFT marketplace on
their owned domain)

In addition to individual artists, nanakusa also has alliance with content holders and business
partners that have artists.

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