Blockchain×Moe×Live2D game “CryptoKanojo”. Limited Sale started only 100!

Digital Quest Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Representative Director and President: hiroyuki sameshima. below Digital Quest) is, we launched a Cloud Sale for the game “CryptoKanojo” using blockchain on Ethereum.

Blockchain Live2D game “CryptoKanojo”

Collect the cute girls type token “CryptoKanojo” that runs on Live2D, and it is a game that you can touch lovey-dovey like a girlfriend.

It becomes a game type DApps using blockchain technology on the ethereum which is the virtual currency, and each CryptoKanojo is tokenized as a unique existence on the blockchain, so it is not copied, tampered or destroyed it remains on the ethereum network.

“CryptoKanojo” and lovey-dovey are possible

You can collect ETH by selling and lending your own CryptoKanojo, and you can get new CryptoKanojo by using fusion(*1) with two CryptoKanojo.

Also, the biggest attraction of this game is that CryptoKanojo is represented in Live2D.

By Live2D technology.

You can actually communicate with CryptoKanojo by rubbing and lovey-dovey.

In addition, according to the amount of communication, the popularity and response from CryptoKanojo will change.

(*1) fusion refers to multiplying two CryptoKanojo (tokens).

Limited to 100. Selling CryptoKanojo of “0 period” with rare genome at special price!

We will hold a Cloud Sale in advance of this release of the service that is scheduled for 2018.

This item will be difficult to obtain after the release and will be terminated as soon as the sales of limited quantity sales.

Please use this opportunity.

【Cloud Sale Overview】

Implementation period: 2018.10.5~2018.11.30

Selling price: 0.2ETH(flat price)

Selling item: 0 period token with 1 rare genome (odd-eye / red & green)

Number of sales: 100 pieces

Sale page:

【Supplementary information】

■ About “0 period”

“Period” is a unit representing the generation of CryptoKanojo, and its value will increase according to the number of fusion times.

The larger this value, the longer the cooldown (waiting time) to the next fusion, so CryptoKanojo of 0 period is valuable existence which increase collection efficiency.

The 0 period after the service release will be automatically generated and sold automatically from the main contract at regular intervals.

■ About “Rare Genome”

The genome is the genetic information that each CryptoKanojo holds, which represents the external features.

Although genome is inherited from two tokens that are fusion sources, there is “rare genome” that occurs only when the generated token information matches a certain condition.

The probability of spontaneous occurrence is about 8 thousandth at the time of Cloud Sale, and the token with the rare genome becomes very valuable.

In addition, the method of obtaining rare genomes other than the natural ones after the release is based on “the limited quantity sold than the main contract”, but the rare genome (odd-eye / red & green) is planned to be sold only in this Cloud Sale.

※Cloud Sale sales sample

CryptoKanojo will be upgraded at any time after release!

After this release scheduled for the end of the year, expansion of game property, implementation of character voice, characterization of Vtuber, etc. are also being studied.

In addition, we are considering customer’s CryptoKanojo as T-shirt paper wallet, 3D laser crystal wallet, other real goods at hand.

【Functions to be implemented after release】

  • Sale and rental of CryptoKanojo
  • Generation of new token by fusion of CryptoKanojo
  • Gift-sending of CryptoKanojo (transfer to any wallet)
  • Communication function with CryptoKanojo (Live2D screen), preference setting, etc.

“CryptoKanojo” overview

Service name: CryptoKanojo





“Digital Quest Corp.” overview


Address:  Yonezawa Building 2F 3-4-21 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Japan 106-0032

Representative: Sameshima Hiroyuki

Business contents: Content service, Entrusted development

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