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Invade planets and earn ETH on the way!

  • Invade wonderful and mysterious planets in the infinite cosmos of EtherGalaxies.

Keep your eyes peeled for the infamous space villain “Handa Bandita” who is currently in hiding after his latest Ethereum heist. This pesky villain will take his share of any transaction that happens in EtherGalaxies. If you succeed in capturing him you’ll earn his massive bounty as a reward!

EtherGalaxies is a blockchain-based game where you can invade planets in player owned galaxies. Players earn Ethereum when their planets are invaded. Each planet increases in value with every invasion but it can only be owned by one user at a time. The villain called Handa Bandita takes a small amount of each transaction and that is added to his massive ETH bounty for when he is finally captured by one lucky user. After the capture, Handa Bandita escapes his prison cell and is back out in EtherGalaxies doing it all over again! After a user has invaded a planet, they have the option to rename it and give it a description for all other users to see. There are thousands of different planets, each with their own type, race, and population.


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EtherGalaxies is a blockchain game where you can invade planets using ETH.?
Catch an evil villain and win a HUGE bounty!? COMING SOON!

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