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A Brand New Blockchain Game World, Game Me Platform! has officially launched Game Me, the World’s First Mobile Messenger-Based Blockchain Game Platform in April. (Game Me mobile app download: The following are some of the features of Game Me.

Game Me is the world’s first mobile messenger-based blockchain game platform that can use blockchain based cryptocurrency.

It provides a game service in which payment through cryptocurrency is possible through partnerships with numerous cryptocurrency and game developers around the world, including not only Ethereum (ETH), but also Tron (TRX), which is massively influential in Asian countries such as China, Japan and Korea, and G coins (GTC).

For reference, G Coins (GTC) is’s global distributed blockchain cryptography based on the Ethereum ERC20 standard to become the standard virtual currency of the global game industry.

Game Me provides a messenger service to its users to chat with their gamer friends worldwide. Users can also use integrated game support services such as mini-game centers, clan, and forum. It also provides easy login through SNS accounts such as Facebook, WeChat, and Weibo, and all services can be used with one integrated ID.

A brief summary of Game Me’s features is as follows:

– The world’s first mobile messenger-based blockchain game platform
– An enormous user pool based on China / Korea / Japan, which account for 70% of the global virtual currency market.
– Allows payment via ERC20-based coins and tokens (ETH, Tron, GTC, etc.) with the largest global market caps
– Provides exclusive wallet for game payment (G wallet)
– Easy login based on SNS such as Facebook, Wechat, and Weibo
– Provides community (clan) functions that are extremely user-friendly
– Multilingual support services including English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese
– Digital asset investment service through Coin Plus

Avocado Entertainment, one of Korea’s leading mobile game publishers has recently signed a strategic alliance with and will serve as a publishing partner providing games to the Game Me platform as part of the GTC ecosystem. It seeks to provide entertaining and interesting blockchain games for gamers worldwide.

Currently, Avocado Entertainment is open for the participation of blockchain game developers around the world who are interested in the service on the Game Me platform.

If you are interested in learning more about Game Me or a publishing partnership, please contact (  Or Avocado Entertainment (, which is responsible for Game Me’s game publishing partnership!

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