Exclusive Interview With Mr.Bao Lam, COO of KorroBox

Imagine a harmonious platform where both game publishers and gamers can benefit from using. Enter KorroBox, a new digital video game marketplace offering key features such as zero distribution fees for developers and true ownership for the players. KorroBox COO, Mr.Bao Lam presented us with more details on these and other advantageous elements of KorroBox in this interview.


1) Please introduce yourself, your team and how your experiences in the video gaming industry has led you to this point?

I’m Bao, the Co-Founder and COO of KorroBox. Our team is made up of a mix of veterans in the gaming industry from Riot Games, Blizzard and Twitch. We all come from companies who value player experience in the highest regard and we will continue those traditions in creating a new gaming marketplace. As indie developers ourselves (as well as many of our friends), we quickly realized the old distribution channels were outdated and gouging developers from being able to sustainably make games.


2) Your Dapp videogame platform has lot to offer for both game devs and the gamers. What are the key features you would like to point out?

So the key features that we would like to point out are:
A) We’re an ethereum based platform, we didn’t ICO, so we are currency agnostic… with so many coins out there, we thought that being the most flexible platform (both for players and developers) would give us a competitive advantage.

B) Other platforms are charging a 5% fee, so the idea of “eliminating the middleman” for them is really just “”replacing it with a smaller middleman”… our fees for developers are 0%, a platform built by developers for the developers.

C) We’re actually a little less decentralized than the other products, mainly because we’re focused on keep out bad actors and malicious software from entering the ecosystem (a problem all decentralized consumer facing marketplaces may face)… as well as we aren’t a blockchain only company, we’ll likely add traditional payment methods at some point to make the marketplace the most appealing place for both developers and gamers.



3) What are some of the unique tools you will be providing for game devs?

For game developers, KorroBox provides more monetization and revenue streams options: game sales, microtransactions, real money auction house. Additionally through our account services and APIs, game developers can choose what to sell, what payments they want to accept and even what should be placed on blockchain.


4) How are the social and community aspects tied into your platform? Why is this so important?

Tracking game information in a public and transparent blockchain really opens up gaming communities to take ownership of their identities in and out of game. Members can verify who they are in game, the gear they have, achievements and rank, all out of game.
This opens up options for Communities to curate members, display their achievements, set up events, make their own verifiable bounty system and things I’m sure we haven’t even thought of yet.


5) What stage are you at on your Roadmap? What is the next big milestone that gamers and the game devs should be excited for?

We are finishing up our proof of concept phase for the platform and will be launching the store in the next few weeks. For this launch, we will be the first platform where players are able to purchase games with Ethereum.


6) Are there any specific genres or certain criteria of games you are looking to add to Korrobox?

Multiplayer games with microtransactions and tradeable items work best with a marketplace like KorroBox. Shooters, trading card games, and MMORPGs are genres that fit well.


7) Will your platform accept both blockchain and centralized games?

Yes, we are designing our marketplace to be accommodating to different games platform, tech, and monetization models. We want both new blockchain games and existing traditional games on PC and mobile to monetized on our platform.


8) Any information that the interested game devs should know before submitting games?

They do not need to be fearful of blockchain technology as the game developers have control on how it is utilized or they can choose not to utilize it. Blockchain provides their consumers more security of their high-value accounts and protection from scams.



9) Can you give us more details as to what are your Korro Companions?

Korro avatars (Companion name TBD) are the digital representation of a player’s game account and will be incorporated into mini-games. We turned the Korro avatars into a collectible game on the Ethereum blockchain as a erc-721 token. These avatars also provide a template to what game item licenses will look like on the blockchain.


10) Can you tell us or give any hints as to which game developers you have signed or will be signing on?

We have a few games commited to our store launch: Legion TD2, Goat Punks, Ash of Gods, Volantia, Exposure, Stifled, Muffled Warfare, Quantum Pilot.


11) Are dApps part of the next evolution in videogaming?

I don’t know if dApps are… the nature of decentralization is that there will be bad actors introduced, and even if only ONE bad actor can get their programs onto one of our player’s computers that’s bad… I think it will be a mix of dApps and centralized applications… There are certain aspects that marketplaces really don’t need to control (i.e. p2p transactions) and others that we should have a little control over (b2p and b2b).


A huge thank you to Bao Lam and the KorroBox team for taking the time for this interview! Go check out KorroBox

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