More Origins Beta Updates and Leaderboard Reset

After introducing the redesigned UI and collecting feedback from our community (thank you, all!?), we are now ready to move forward with another important update.

However, the differences coming with this one will be a lot less noticeable at first sight. The next big step we’re taking on our march towards the final version of Cryptage Origins and the launch on Ethereum mainnet is an update to the architecture of the game.

The changes that are going into Cryptage Origins Beta with this update are being introduced to improve the players’ experience and allow us to expand the gameplay mechanics with all planned additions for the final game. We’ll talk more about those specifically once they’re finalized, but what we can say for now is that new mechanics will be introduced in order to make the game more fun in the long run, as well as more appealing for newcomers. The current mechanics make it nearly impossible to reach top positions on the Leaderboard if you don’t start playing at launch day and that’s something we definitely want to fix.

We won’t be going into tech details in this blog post, but if you are interested in actual code, you’re more than welcome to check it out on our GitHub and stop by the Cryptage Discord if you would like to discuss anything with our developers team. You can find us there at pretty much any time of day.

Card changes and Leaderboard reset

The second change in this release, besides the architectural update, is a re-balancing of all cards. The Origins Beta has been open for testing for more than 2 months now and during that period it became clear that some cards are overpowered in the current configuration, with some providing huge amounts of funds, and others creating a projects meta setup that churns out crazy volumes of XP points. This is of course not ideal and gives huge advantages to players who reach certain levels and unlock specific cards, hence the need for changes. We would love to hear your thoughts on this, whether you see something you do or don’t like, so please don’t hesitate to join the discussion on the Cryptage Discord.

The card re-balancing combined with the architectural updates made it necessary for us to reset the Leaderboard and all player states with this update. This will help us both test for bugs and see how the cards play out now.

We fully realize that the Leaderboard reset may not sound great to some (GG to all the Cryptage grinders out there!), but please bear with us. We are currently in Beta and the main goal is to create the best possible final game for all of us. Resetting the Leaderboard also seemed like a good solution to bring back fun for some long time players and make it easier for new ones to join, while we finalize the gameplay changes and mechanic updates for the mainnet game. We hope you agree.

This update will go live on September 12, between 12:00 (noon) and 13:00 CEST.

In case you’ve already spent all your KETH on card packs, stop by our faucet and get some more for absolutely free.

Until next time, talk to you on Discord and see you on the Leaderboard!

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