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Imperial Throne’s tickets are now on hot pre-sale, Heimdall-Legendary is hard to obtain. Why do people snap up Imperial Throne tickets during the pre-sale period? Is there any trick to buying Heimdall-Legendary? In this article, I am going to reveal the advantages of purchasing ticket Heimdall during the pre-sale, and let you know the ways to snap up a Heimdall-Legendary.

Get Free Genesis Treasure Boxes During Pre-sale

Ticket-Heimdall is the only entry to Imperial Throne. According to its rarity, tickets are categorized into Heimdall, Heimdall-Rare and Heimdall-Legendary. When you purchase tickets during the pre-sale period, you will be given a genesis treasure box according to the rarity of your ticket. Each type of treasure box is named basic, advanced and exclusive respectively.

It is worth of noting that all genesis treasure boxes will only be given out in the pre-sale period when you purchase tickets, and there is no other way to obtain. After the ticket is officially on sale, the treasure box attached to the ticket is no longer a genesis box, and the total value of assets inside of the treasure box is lower than the corresponding genesis box!

Genesis treasure box can be opened in the game once each test. The type and amount of assets in the genesis box are random, and there is a chance to acquire ITT, soldiers and land use right. The rarer the genesis treasure box, the more the amount and type of assets there will be inside of the box. During the first alpha test, the land use right will definitely be found in the Exclusive Genesis Treasure Box!

How To Obtain Heimdall-Legendary?

Due to the large demand, Heimdall-legendary were sold out only six minutes after the start of the pre-sale. Don’t get discouraged if you fail to obtain a Heimdall-legendary, because tickets of Imperial Throne are generated according to a dynamic production mechanism. For every 90 regular Heimdall sold, 9 Heimdall-Rare and 1 Heimdall-Legendary will be generated in time. Stay tuned for our pre-sale, you might get a chance to obtain a Heimdall-Legendary.

What if you don’t have time to squat? Ask some friends to join Imperial Throne and buy the regular Heimdall. When the total number of the regular Heimdall sold is a multiple of 90, the system will produce 1 Heimdall-legendary. Then, you can seize the opportunity to acquire a Heimdall-Legendary.

In addition, when you try to snap up a Heimdall-Legendary, don’t set the gas fee too low. Otherwise, Heimdall-Legendary maybe gone before your transaction is proceed.

What If You Are Too Slow in Purchasing the Ticket?

While Heimdall-Legendary is special, Heimdall-Rare is good. In our consequent tests, there is still a chance to get land use right from the Advanced Genesis Treasure Box that comes with the Heimdall-Rare. While the supply is still sufficient, hurry up and put it in your pocket.

If you do want a Heimdall-Legendary, you can also go to a crypto collectible marketplace to see whether others are trading it.

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