AR and Blockchain in Mobile Games

What new will Worldopo bring to the market?

In 2016 The Mobile Games World was submitted by the new mass phenomenon that was called Pokémon Go. The game with augmented reality shows that the world is ready for AR (Augmented Reality) technologies and its capabilities from the best side. It sets new vectors for mobile gaming industry development in the nearer future. Current forecasts show us that the global AR applications market will exceed $50 billion until the beginning of 2020. Games and applications, that is based on this technology, will dominate online stores.

We’d like to show you the general concepts of the mobile augmented reality industry and try to present the market perspectives in the nearer years.

History and technical base

The term “Augmented Reality” was invented and first formulated by Boeing researcher Tim Cowell in 1990. In some initial interpretations, this technology was implemented in 1968. For decades the concept of embedding images and videos generated by computers into the user environment didn’t have a specific development vector. However, the high potential for further development remained in the centre of attention. Not so long time ago the technology began to penetrate into mobile devices environment.

How can Augmented Reality work on mobile devices? Paying attention to the technical stack mobile applications often use markers or sensors to place graphics аtop of images or a working camera. Examples of such technologies are QR codes and GPS / gyroscopes / accelerometers. More complicated developments use neural networks in their work which allow users to edit images and interact with the AR objects in real time.

AR began to gain popularity immediately. The first modern products had a number of serious vulnerabilities (insecure gateways and external APIs, disabling security filters, etc.).

The starting point was 2016, because of Pokémon Go and some announced non-game applications were released. For example, the AR functions in Snapchat. Returning to the Pokémon Go phenomenon, exactly game indicators launched the second wave of developers’ interest in mobile augmented reality. During the first 19 days, the game was downloaded 50 million times, making a profit of $ 10 million every day on this period. It also was an additional source of advertising and traffic for a number of public places where players came in searching for Pokemons.

This completely new model with great potential for entry points to monetize the product could not be ignored by global developers.

The nearest development perspective

  During the next 2 years, obvious events took place. Developers tried to repeat the success of Pokémon Go and often copied elements of this game or its concept generally. It was an ineffective way because as the local plan copying a successful project had the potential to rapid monetization, but this was the wrong move in the long-time perspective.

The success of mobile augmented reality depends on the company willing to develop, experiment, innovate and integrate with modern technologies. This is the position we stick during the development of Worldopo. Our AR implementation into mobile game process inherits the best achievements of the most popular game mechanics.


Inside the crypto economic game, gamers will literally be able to observe their Real Estate Empire formation in the real world!

At the same time, we set global goals to improve the technical component and incorporate AR and other technologies into the gameplay (as in example Blockchain technology). The technologies and ideas of our game are closely related to each other and have the same impact on the game process quality and the perspectives of the product monetization. Meanwhile, now Blockchain gives the opportunity to earn with a help of building in-game Mining farms and managing the process from your own mobile phone.

And if we talk about relations between Augmented Reality and Blockchain, gems collecting is based on AR in Worldopo and it becomes not an only in-game task but it gives the opportunity to get real money in the form of WPT-tokens on Ethereum Platform. The main thing, that is only initial foundations in the Worldopo mobile game that have a great development potential in future.

In our opinion, only constant external and internal way of development will bring new value indicators to AR mobile technologies, both for developers and gamers. The alpha version of the game is already available for downloading in Appstore and Google Play!


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