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CryptoMiner World — The best of Idle and Collectable Crypto Games


Technology has always been a driving force for creativity and innovation. The advent of distributed ledgers via blockchains have provided a new medium for entertainment that has quickly spread to the gaming industry. Up until recently most video game studios have sold assets to players with the player having very little control over how they’re used. This one-way street leaves the player with a purchased asset that is extremely susceptible to the whims of the studio as the developers still have full control over how that asset is regulated. New assets, studio shutdown, or simply changing the rules of the game can instantly make a prized treasure worthless or even cease to exist.

Crypto games or games that run off smart contracts, give full control to the players. Once the game mechanisms are set, these immutable rules provide a playground for users to explore. It creates a space where anyone can actually own what they buy and do with assets as they please; including selling, trading or simply collecting them for potential return on investment.

This is exciting for developers and players alike as games are now living and growing ecosystems that have real world impact. Every discovery and rare drop becomes that much more exciting due to owners knowing that items are treated much more like tangible assets instead of mere digital bits.


Crypto games are one of the hottest emerging markets in the gaming industry. Even with only a handful of games out, it’s becoming evident that games in this landscape are falling into two categories.


Some of the very first games in this space, such as CryptoKitties, utilize the ERC-721 non-fungible token protocol. This basically makes each ERC-721 token, unique, tradable and potentially very profitable. These games typically have a high barrier of entry due to expensive assets or have rules that mask the rarity and value to the player. Furthermore, despite the growing number of these games, many of them are cookie cutter versions of the original with little innovation or imagination.


Other games have developed systems where the player may start with a foundation of units that create more units over time. While these games are simple to understand, they generally lack depth and can quickly become dull.


CryptoMiner World (CMW) hopes to combine the best of both genres to make a unique and fun experience for all players. Casual players who don’t have a lot of time to invest into gaming can take advantage of the automatic mining system, while advanced players can dive into trading, and upgrading. However you play, it’s the discovery of new ERC-721 tokens buried throughout the earth that will keep players engaged and looking for more.

While CMW can cater to all audiences, it’s especially tailored around the average video game player who might not have large sums of money to try out many crypto games. By keeping the barrier to entry low and giving everyone a fair chance to discover treasure, CMW hopes to be a place any gamer can find enjoyment.


CryptoMiner World’s core systems are simple to understand. Players can own plots of land and mine them to discover treasure. Miners can be upgraded, treasure can be traded, and large prizes can be found. That’s all you really need to know to start having fun playing CMW, but for the more seasoned player enjoyment can also be found in the increased depth available to them.


All of the land mass on earth has been broken up into separate and unique plots for players to own. All plots are set at a fixed price and all have the same odds of obtaining treasure. This keeps gameplay fair for everyone who participates.

Each plot of land is split up into 5 different types of terrain — Dirt, Clay, Limestone, Marble, and Obsidian. These layers of land are always in the same order, but are randomly given different thicknesses. Each tier has a different rate at which it can be mined and also different rates at which loot drops, with the rarest treasures generally being toward the bottom of each land plot.


Workers take the form of gemstones, which are actually ERC-721 tokens, meaning each one has a unique character ID with a variable age and mining speed. While players may obtain many gemstones in their mining experience, generally the oldest and fastest ones will be the most prized and beneficial for mining.

Leveling Up

Each gemstone has 2 primary values that determine its usability — thegemstone’s age (level) and its grade (mining speed bonus). These are both clearly stated and make understanding rarity simple and easy to comprehend to the player.

A gemstone’s age determines how far down it can mine. The higher the age level, the deeper it may mine. There are 5 different gemstone levels and 5 different types of terrain.

For example: A Baby (level 1) gemstone may dig through dirt, but stops at clay while a Child (level 3) gemstone may dig through dirt, clay and limestone, but must stop at marble. An Adult (level 5) may dig through all layers.

A gemstone’s mining speed bonus is the rate at which any particular gemstone can mine at. The larger the percentage, the less time it’ll take to dig through a plot of land. While the mining speed bonus percentage and specific mining rates will be available for the player to see, these values have also been simplified to letter grades, D through AAA, to make it easier to sort gemstones at a glance.

To level up a gemstone’s age, silver is required and to level up a gemstone’s mining rate, gold is required. Both of these resources can be found while mining, through the market, or from presales.



Ethereum smart contracts open up a variety of options that can be utilized to give back to the community of players in fun and interesting ways. We figured players will already be digging for treasure, what’s better than finding actual Ether? That’s why every time someone finishes mining a plot of land, there’s a chance they’ll uncover a rare key. Once every plot of land has been purchased, one of these keys will open up a treasure chest (in the form of a wallet on a smart contract) that will contain over 2000 Ether.

Birthstone Chest

Additionally, every month there’ll be a Birthstone Chest giveaway. During each month, a percentage of profits from all land plots sold during that month will be stored inside a smart contract. On the first of each month, someone’s key will be able to open the Birthstone Chest of the previous month. To help things along every month, the birthstone type of that month will also get an extra 5% bonus to its mining rate.


CryptoMiner World wants to provide a way to conclude one world, but still let players continue having fun with their rare tokens. After the successful launch of World 1 — Earth, the next world will start development. These episodic worlds will allow players to transfer all of their hard earned loot, like leveled up gemstones, onto a brand new world with new things to discover. We hope this makes CMW a game that has freedom to innovate over its lifetime, while giving back to players in impactful ways.


Phase 1:

January 2018 to March 2018 — Game mechanics, Web3 integration, technical specifications.

April 2018 — Finish gemstone contract and subsidiary contracts needed for phase 1.

May 2018 — Release website to the public.

June 2018 — Founders Geodes (gemstone packs) go on sale.

Phase 2:

Opening of the market for trading. Players can start leveling gemstones. Translations and integration of European and Asian markets.

Phase 3:

Sale of land plots to the general public. Mobile development. Fiat currency acceptance.

Phase 4:

Development of World 2.


The CryptoMiner World team believes strongly in innovative and easy to understand game design. We also love giving back to our players. Blockchain technology provides the tools needed to create the security and trust that is required to facilitate this labor of love. We hope you enjoy playing as much as we enjoyed making it.

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