World’s No.1 blockchain game “My Crypto Heroes” collaborates with Tezuka Productions.

You will be able to play with the famous characters of Tezuka! The Tezuka collaboration starts on December 10th. 

Welcome to the world of MCH, where your time, investments, and passion will become your assets. 

From December 10th, the famous Tezuka characters “Astro Boy”, ”Buddha”, and ”Sarutahiko” will join our Hero sale. Don’t miss out on them!  

Also in December, you’ll be able to find the Extensions “Phoenix”,”Leo”,”Unico”,”Robita”, and ”Patch Gourd” by clearing the enemies in the “Osamushi” node.  

Make sure to clear those quests fast and get the special collaboration extensions! 

In the last step of the collaboration, the overpowered Robot, “Pluto”, will appear in My Crypto Heroes as the next Raid Boss! Let’s defeat the boss together with all MCH players! 

The copyright involved in this collaboration belongs to Tezuka Productions. 

Details of the announcement could change. 

  • What is “My Crypto Heroes”?

“My Crypto Heroes” is a strategic auto-battle game using blockchain technology. We are the most-played game on any Blockchain as of 2019 November. 

Create your team of historical Heroes, level-up, and become the No.1 player.  

Join My Crypto Heroes today, if you want to experience the future of gaming! 


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Official Community: 


By using blockchain technology, you can buy and sell heroes and items for in-game currency and Ether, the currency of Ethereum. Because of that, you can play the game without wasting the money. You can sell your investments any time and profit from your passion. This is one of the most advanced games! The game can be played for free, but a small investment will help you progress faster.  Let’s dive into the MCH world! 

  • About us


The company was established on April 3rd in 2018 as a blockchain-game developing company. Our members have the experience of developing mobile games, PC online games, and have the knowledge of the blockchain technology, and crypto asset economics.   

Companydouble  CEOHironobu Ueno 


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