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Win real Ethereum with chibifighters!


Chibi Fighters 101: Win and Profit

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm in many forms. It can be hard to understand everything without proper research and knowledge. Fortunately, we have Chibi Fighters.

What is Chibi Fighters?

Chibi Fighters is an online game that is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Users can play the game using “Chibis” which are a type of non-fungible token that follows the ERC721 token standard.


Non-Fungible token simply means that they are unique and irreplaceable. In this case, Chibis that are owned by people will be unique in their own way.

Since Chibis will be unique and valuable, they can be traded with other players on the platform. They can also be bought and sold with Ethereum. As of this writing, the current price of a Founder Token Chibi is 0.01 ETH. Chibi Fighters say that the price of Chibis will increase once the full platform is launched.

How is Chibi Fighters Played?

Once players have their Chibis in place, they can now play Chibi Fighters. Each player is given a set of moves that they will choose from. Once chosen, the server will then process the battle to determine who will be the winner under the Battle System.

After a battle has been processed, the winner is then awarded Ether. The amount of winnings is still undisclosed as of this writing. It may depend on the game modes and bonuses that will be implemented.

Chibi Fighters said that they will be handling all of the algorithmic solving of the battles. Players will not be paying just to battle. The regular battle system will still be returning all of the players’ Chibis.

Chibi Fighters Ring of Death

For those who are willing to take risks, Chibi Fighters will have their own Ring of Death. The battle system will still be the same except for the fact that the loser will have their Chibi lost forever.

All of the lost Chibis will be plastered in the Halls of the Fallen. Winners will get to win higher Ether amounts due to the special pot of prizes and bonuses.

How Can I Make Money From Chibi Fighters?

While most people just want to have fun playing Chibi Fighters, there are still a large portion of interested people looking to make the experience lucrative as well. Chibi Fighters offers opportunities for players to bank on their Chibis.

If a player wants to earn real money from Chibi Fighters, they can grind the battle system and collect as much Ether as possible. They can also test their luck and skill in the Ring of Death to gain even more.

Ether can then be traded to other cryptocurrencies and even to US Dollars. It is not a simple process, but it is also not that complicated.

Chibi Fighters is still in the Beta stage but they are already offering opportunities to buy Chibis. Interested players should take note that things can still change along the way as the product is still under development.

Check out their website, Discord, Twitter, and subreddit.

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