Who Are Blockchain/Crypto Games Targeting?

Whatever you want to call them, Blockchain or Crypto games they are taking off! Seeing at how most of these games are quite new for everyone including even for developers, they seem to be testing the waters first with alpha and beta versions of their game. So far the only one that I can say which has a very different game structure is “Coin Race” and one that is more like a full fledged game is “Spells of Genesis” by developer EverdreamSoft. Most of the other Crypto games have a similar Pokemon for adults kind of feel and many based on the Ethereum blockchain incorporating with it the Metamask browser extension.

Why I say for adults is because there are steep monetary prices you will have to pay if you want to try and get lots of the games in-game currency or their top digital character assets. A good example probably you already know of is the over $100,000 value to purchase the Genesis Cat in the blockchain game Cryptokitties by AxiomZen. Currently in the game “World of Ether” which hasn’t launched yet, just to buy one of their eggs in the presale you will have to fork over about 0.5 ether = approx. $450 US. I’m not saying it’s not worth it but it’s a pretty steep price to not know exactly what you are really getting into. I think this is one of the reasons why it has brought out some questions about what this industry is about and if it is really legit. A great example of this issue was with the game Crypto AllStars. Soon after launch this game fell apart because of internal issues, rumors of scamming and not being a decentralized application (DApp).

To make a generalization when these Blockchain games are offering a presale of their in-game cryptocurrency or having an ICO to gamers it’s similar to a company offering an IPO to investors and for the game itself, it is a very fun and entertaining way of playing the stock markets. Therefore by looking at some of the points I laid out, lets just say these games are targeted for the young at heart with deeper pockets and not for the heart of a youngster. It will be very interesting and exciting to see what will happen in the future with the integration of blockchain technology in video games and hopefully they will reach out to the younger gamers out there.

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