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After countless hours of preparation, presentations and networking, the Blockchain Gamers Connect San Francisco two day conference on May 14 & May 15 has concluded. We want to thank Steel Media for all their hard work and dedication for making this event as successful as it was.

CEO of Steel Media, Chris James, opens BGC San Francisco 2018 with his speech

Let’s take a journey inside the conference to remember what it was like and what we did, shall we?

Super Game Chain’s Booth

Super Game Chan’s Booth at BGC 2018 San Francisco, presenting both SGC and Clash of Magic.

Since we were the co-host of the event, we had the opportunity to snag the largest of booths to showcase our vision of our platform, chain, and the future of gaming as a whole.

We had hundreds of people stop by our booth to learn more about Super Game Chain. We received very good feedback and suggestions about what we’re creating, and we will be sure to integrate the feedback into SGC! Future announcements will be posted on all of our social media channels; MediumTwitterTelegramFacebook, and others.

On the left hand side, the TV screen is showcasing an independent game that our parent company, Narvalous, has created — Clash of Magic. It is a VR tower defense game where players must defend their pylons while attacking and taking down their opponents pylons. This is done by spawning creatures and casting spells in an open battle field. The game is designed to place you in the middle of battle, which redefines the way we play VR games today. It is available to download and play on Steam for the Oculus and Vive now!


Interviews: WAX, Axie Infinity, Hippy Skate, Follow The White Rabbit & More!

At our booth, we conducted a small amount of interviews, from promising blockchain projects to upcoming mobile, VR, and blockchain games either currently in development or available to play now.

One of these interviews is with the CEO of WAX, William Quigley, who is creating a global decentralized marketplace for virtual assets. The interview spoke about what blockchain can do for gaming and how indie game developers should go about creating blockchain-based games. Additionally, William Quigley spoke about how WAX and Super Game Chain are disrupting the industries.

SGC Community Manager, Aram, interviews WAX CEO, William Quigley

We also interviewed the winner of the blockchain games pitching session, Community Lead for Axie Infinity, Jeffrey Zirlin. He took home the win for his team and Axie Infinity, receiving a grand prize of $15,000!

SGC CEO, Toni Xu, interviewing Community Lead, Jeffrey Zirlin after winning $15,000

Axie Infinity is a decentralized game based on Ethereum. The game allows players to breed, raise, battle and even trade them in the marketplace.

Is this game similar to CryptoKitties?

Kind of, but with a beautiful twist that really showcases the way blockchain should be added into games.

“It is the battle system that makes Axie Infinity stand out. Axies will take turns and fight in a 3v3 battle. The Axies fight for their own will, but to win, players need to choose appropriate Axies for their team and place them at tactical positions need a real strategy by wisely choosing. We believe that our advanced battle system will provide an immersive gaming experience yet to be reached by similar blockchain games. The battle replays will contain cinematic quality and we can’t wait to watch our players go at it!— Trung, Founding CEO of Axie Infinity.

The image above shows SGC CEO Toni Xu opening the conference with her speech on Forming Consensus in Gaming.

What does that mean?

In today’s world, gamers are forced to play a game with a fixed set and plot determined by its core game developers. There’s a fixed game framework constraint that gamers keep running into. Toni Xu talks about Super Game Chain — what we are creating — which enables there to be a breakthrough in the gaming industry, allowing game developers and gamers to collaborate and combine their ideas for games that are either already developed or in development.

“The first stage is to set up a platform with users who have digital wallets. We will put all the gamers and games on the chain and provide initial funding. The next step is to complete the ecosystem. In this ecosystem, developers contribute to programming while gamer contribute their creative ideas. Everyone can make a contribution and get their voice be heard here.” — Toni Xu, CEO of Super Game Chain

The idea of forming consensus in gaming doesn’t revolve around an individual gamer and game developer, but rather as an entire gaming community.

On behalf of the Super Game Chain team, want to thank everyone who was able to come out this year and make it to the two day conference. It was a blast to be able to meet you all!

Don’t forget to join our social media channels for updates and announcements for Super Game Chain!


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