What Happens When Slither Meets The Blockchain?

Cocos-BCX lately announced the launch of a new title called JoySnake(贪食蛇) on EOS blockchain. This game, incubated by Cocos-BCX, is developed by TeamJoy based on Cocos Creator.

JoySnake was inspired by the classic game Snake which had been popular for decades on ancient cell phones and computers. From then on, there have been different versions of Snake games. was a massive multiplayer version that attracted millions of players, available on iOS, Android and Web browsers.

Classic snake game on Nokia cell phone

TeamJoy is one of the most experienced game developers in China who were contributors of some most popular mobile game titles such as FishingJoy (捕鱼达人,the most well-known title led by Chen Haozhi, founder of Cocos-BCX) which had achieved record monthly revenue of 20M RMB in 2012.

Supported by Cocos-BCX, TeamJoy aims to bring their experience to blockchain to create really playful blockchain games for users. SnakeJoy is one of the first PvP (player vs player) non-gambling games on EOS.

Below is a simple guide to the gameplay.

Make sure you have installed EOS wallets to get started with the game. Recommend Scatter for desktop, Meet.One and TokenPocket for mobile.

Step1: Enter in the wallet browser, and you’ll arrive at below start page with these cuttie snakes. Currently, 0.1EOS level and 1.0EOS level are open, which means it costs relatively 0.1 EOS and 1EOS to start playing the games.

Starting page for SnakeJoy

Step2: Snake adventure, a simple game. You can control the direction and the speed of the snake movement by using mouse or your finger on touch-screen. Try to eat as many beans as possible to increase the length of the snake and earn EOS & JOY tokens. When you go up the levels you will win rewards and skins which are all tradeable on exchanges later on. There can be multiple players online in each game. Avoid hitting the edges or other snakes, or you will lose the game.

The token economy makes the game even more interesting. Players can earn EOS and JOY tokens while enjoying the fun of the game. Green bean represents EOS token and the red bean is JOY token. JOY has its own value once it’s listed on exchanges, and it also allows players to participate in the revenue dividends of the game platform.

Good games can be simple but addictive. Blockchain games can have the same gameplay as conventional ones. With this JOYSnake launched, we are eager to see the feedback from players.

You are welcome to test the game and join our telegram to leave them your feedback:


Article contributed by Cocos-BCX, Caterina Zhang

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