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Wemade Tree Reveals Previews of 4 All-new Launching Game Series on Its WEMIX Platform

  • Released trailers for all-new 4 high-quality blockchain games
  • The official global launch of blockchain games to begin from this November
  • Games to be serviced through WEMIX platform, bringing a new set of entertainment

Wemade Tree, the blockchain subsidiary of Wemade, was established to promote blockchain business. Wemade(KOSDAQ: 112040), a Korean game giant listed on KOSDAQ, boasts more than 500 million users in “The Legend of Mir”(Chinese name: ChuanQi). Wemade has around 10 subsidiaries, some of which include Joymax(KOSDAQ: 101730) and Flero games— both with mega-hit game titles as well.

Wemade Tree released trailers of 4 all-new game series on November 16 th . The newly unveiled series will be available globally under Wemade Tree’s proprietary blockchain platform, WEMIX.

The all-new series are expected to elicit an exciting response from its broad spectrum of the genre from RPG (Role-playing Game) to casual games—bringing a wide grin to every satiated gamer.

CrypTornado for WEMIX is an Idle RPG game, where countless combinations of characters and items facilitate a different experience for every user. Users are granted opportunities to acquire new items and gears through the growth and reincarnation of their characters. All the items will be securely stored as an NFT (Non-fungible Token) asset.

The trailer for ChuanQi H5 for WEMIX has also made its way to the public. ChuanQi H5 for WEMIX is based on one of the Chinese best-seller IP (Intellectual Property), ChuanQi. While ChuanQi H5 for WEMIX retains its core favored by a countless number of users, it will be equipped with major content upgrades along with blockchain technology. Users will now be able to master even more powerful characters through developing martial arts skills and gain game tokens at the same time.

BirdTornado for WEMIX is a game whose objective is to destroy monster birds. Its simplicity allows for intuitive game plays for users. Players are compensated for annihilating avian monsters, in which they can continue to enhance their characters. In the end, users will be provided with opportunities to challenge in the ultimate stage where they will be provided with chances to earn tornadoes. BirdTornado for WEMIX will be the very first game to set afoot on the WEMIX platform.

Last but not least, AQUA for WEMIX entails expanding fishery habitats and creating different fish through breeding– regular and special fish. Besides, <AQUA for WEMIX> boasts more than 250 types of fish within the game to ensure diverse users’ aquatic experience. All collected fish will be securely stored as an NFT asset for safe transactions among users.

All 4 corresponding games have been developed utilizing WEMIX blockchain technology, to provide a new set of entertainment and values. Wemade Tree will focus on attracting users from all around the world to its WEMIX platform.

Furthermore, Wemade Tree launched WEMIX phones with Samsung as an effort to expand the WEMIX ecosystem. WEMIX phones are based on Samsung’s flagship smartphones Galaxy S20 series (S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra) and Note20 series (Note20 and Note20 Ultra), but pre-loaded with WEMIX cryptocurrency wallet.

WEMIX cooperates with many partners to accomplish the success of games and the platform. WEMIX governance partners include ‘Klaytn’ (the public blockchain platform from Ground X, the blockchain subsidiary of Kakao), ‘Longtu Game’ (a Chinese game conglomerate, hosting more than 200 million game users in ‘Tales of Cuties’), ‘Naver Cloud’ (a subsidiary of the most prominent Korean IT conglomerate, Naver, providing different types of service including security, cloud, IDC, and corporate cloud), and ChuanQi IP (a subsidiary of Wemade, overseeing and guarding the IP and copyrights of ChuanQi game series with over 500 million users in China).

Wemade Tree Official Webpage:

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