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Welcome to Earthereum!

We started on this journey a while ago developing a game on the Ethereum Blockchain. There were very few DApps at the time but that has changed very quickly. Many DApps came out and many left as well. We are dedicated to our idea though it might be similar to other DApps that are currently out but we are different. We plan to improve our game for a long time and are here for the long haul!

Our goal was to provide a fully working DApp game on Day 1. No promises to release a game mode down the line just to be first in the Market because we could have gone that route. We believe if you release a great fully operational product people will come play. We hope you do!

Ok, now onto the game!

Earthereum, A Real Game on the Blockchain! This is not just about buying and selling.

Earthereum is a game of Strategy with a twist. You Purchase countries on the blockchain. Each Country will start at a very low price. Every time a country is bought the price will increase by 25%. The previous owner will reap the benefits and the money will be deposited to their Meta mask wallet directly.

Easy so far right? Good.

For every COUNTRY purchase a total of 8% will be deducted from the price. 3% of that fee will be used to keep the game up and running as well as many more important feature updates and development. The other 3% fee will be used to go to a War Prize pool (More on this to follow), we feel you the players deserve a chance to win a nice prize. As for the other 2%, 1% of that will go to the continent owner as a dividend. The other 1% will go to the Earthereum World Owner which gets 1% of ALL Country/Continent transactions! World only gets a 6% Deduction and Continent owners get 7% Deduction.

EZPZ. Let’s keep going.

This is where the fun really begins! You will notice a War Timer on the site, this timer will start going to 100%. Once the timer hits 100% War would have broken out between countries. It’s time to strategize. This is when you have to pick your Alliance. Who do you want to side with? Who will you attack? Will you setup some defenses? Once the war timer expires you cannot lose your country to a sale. You are safe until war is over!

Did you get all that? I hope so, but wait there’s more!

Once Alliances and defenses are set (You will only have a certain amount of time to do so), War Begins! You can now attack any country you wish that is not in your alliance. You will have 4 attacks to choose from each having a different power level. Attacks will cost a percentage of that countries total worth and 97% of that will also go to the War Prize Pool! 1% will be a Dev fee, 1% will goto attackers continent owner and 1% to World owner.

Wow that prize pool will be massive! Still with us?

If an attack happens to get through on your country you will lose a certain percentage value of your countries worth depending on which attack was used. You can only lose 25% of value per war period. Ouch that might hurt a bit but don’t worry you will be able to strike back and if you win the War Prize pool it won’t hurt anymore :). The alliance who has done the most damage during the war period will win the War Prize pool! The War prize pool will be split proportionally to everyone in the winning alliance who attacked others based on the how much they helped their alliance win! If you set up defenses that will also count towards helping your alliance win. 5% of the prize pool will be put back into the War Pool to start the next war!

We hope you got all that! Once the war period is over we go back to peaceful times where you can now sell your country with its new value (It’s always on sale outside the alliancewar period). Use that sweet War Prize pool money to take over another country that you really wanted or if a country got demolished in the war and now in your price range. Then watch the war timer for another war! Remember you need to have a country in order to participate in the War and earn the War Prize Pool!

If you decide you don’t want to participate in our game aspect with war and alliances well we have another aspect just for you. We are sure you have seen this everywhere else but you can buy the world and any continent! World will get 1% of all Continent and Country sales as well as 1% of all attacks. Continent owners will get 1% of sales of each country in their continent as well as any attacks a country in their continent does. Those owners will not be able to participate in war.

We hope you enjoy our game! Can’t wait to see you all in Earthereum!

Check out the Discord for More information!


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