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We did it – HEROcoin blockchain product is LIVE! is on the Ethereum mainnet

For the past year we have followed one vision — “work hard and bring our esports fantasy platform blockchain”. After six months of intensive testing, breaking and developing with a closed community of more than 300 hardcore supporters, we are ready to advance into open beta on the Ethereum mainnet.

Having a group of highly engaged beta testers proved being crucial for our journey. We were and still are in in lively interaction with our community, understanding every action they take and input they have. The gathered feedback in form of valuable insights directed our path in building a platform for esports and blockchain lovers. Being able to gather honest and direct feedback about our own solutions and pain points, is something we value very high and is essential in order to build a fun and enjoyable product.

People are already betting $200+ on our newly released blockchain product!

The whole HERO team is very proud and honored to announce that the time has come! Everybody now can create his on-platform PLAY WALLET and experience the first $PLAY contests featuring the League of Legends Worlds 2018 finals! This is a huge milestone for our investors, supporters, the crypto & esports community! We are thrilled to be one of the first real & legal iGaming blockchain products worldwide, as well as also one of the very few ICO projects that delivered what they promised within a reasonable timeframe.

You can test and see what a small “spartan”- Austrian team managed to achieve, while companies with 50x bigger investments still didn’t —  we will take care of all transaction costs for every user, as a sign of gratitude.

Familiar with the HERO brand? is an esports fantasy and prediction gaming platform, at the moment featuring League of Legends, DotA2, CS:GO and Overwatch, with more titles to be added soon. By fighting major issues of the traditional online betting industry today, we are no traditional bookmaker, but a platform providing the infrastructure for friends and communities to compete directly against each other: peer-to-peer-betting. Additionally, 1% of all pots played is given back to all token holders. HEROcoin at the same time creates a transparent network with smart contracts for any field of iGaming. It is designed so that not only our own platform, but existing providers can implement HERO and emerging ones can build their systems on our HERO network and community.

2018 aka Two Thousand and HERO

Creating a blockchain product is no easy task by any means. At the current technological state, there are no similar use cases that have delivered a working & user-friendly solution, thus the state-of-the-art was yet to be created. We started from the bottom, our platform had to be reworked and repurposed entirely. Subsequently morphing by rebuilding everything from scratch makes us really happy to have set new standards!

While setting up a complex backend system which smoothly interacts with the Ethereum blockchain, transparency has always been valued very high. Publicly sharing our weekly developments, of course consisting of back and forths, we have once more disrupted the iGaming industry. Continuously making decisions, which do not benefit our investors in the short term, but rather contribute to the project in the long term, are difficult to take. Community management sometimes was a hard task to fulfill, but we knew that at the end of the day everything will pay off. We had to prioritize and slowly but healthy grow.

At the end of the day this was just the first step for us. Our vision is much bigger, thus we will continue relying on you, our supporters and community and always keep listening to your feedback and wishes. There are many more thrilling news coming up, but like we always say: one step at a time. Our vision is clear:

We are changing the iGaming industry, providing a new user experience and simply a fun to use platform for true HEROES! Major UX and UI updates are following together with LIVE fantasy, new partners and co-operations! Stay tuned and join our journey.

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