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Wars of Cutieland: Choose your strategy to decide the fate of the blockchain world.

Would you believe me if I told you that all magnificent empires start out as small towns? Or that one of the best defense strategies was masterminded by a medieval king after he learned it through a series of painful incidents. Now a green-eyed bear, he was once the wise king of Ascalon on Tyne – a medieval city-state located in the lands of EOS. After some massive battles with the armies of Tron, Ascalon was destroyed and the king lost his kingdom. 

I bet you would like to know what’s going on and how could you apply this knowledge to practice? Nowadays the blockchain gaming world is turning into a pure strategic gridiron set within the Blockchain Cuties Universe, which is set to grow even further with the latest update. There are 4 blockchains represented in the game – Ethereum, EOS, TRON, NEO and soon they will turn into 4 major playable factions (Kingdoms). Players of Blockchain Cuties Universe will face the choice of having to side with one of them and helping it to obtain economic and military dominance. Players soon will be able to gather resources and armies, unite into powerful clans, and wage wars against opposite factions or even individual foes from their own kingdom.

Lands to start your expansion 

In order to start conquering Cutieland and fight for their preferable faction, players will have to purchase a piece of land which will become their digital hometown immediately. Moving forward, you need to imagine Cutieland as a detailed geographical map, a fully developed and functioning world, complete with continents, forests, mountains, rivers, and oceans. 

Hometowns, or “player Capitals” can be placed either on various scattered islands or close to faction Capitals (also known as Founder Lands, which are available in strictly limited quantities). Besides hometowns, players will be able to build new cities, solid forts, well-built and massively thick walls, watchtowers, etc. And what’s more important, all of these, except hometowns, will be subject to conquest and destruction.

Before the latest update will go into force, Cuties need to put down new roots. So what is available during the Presale of Lands in the Blockchain Cuties Universe? 

Exclusive lands near faction Сapitals:

Lands near Blockchain Capitals or Founder Lands are considered to be the best in their class. There are only 16 of them available per blockchain. They provide a lot of building space and some serious economic bonuses. They are the only hometown lands that are placed on the mainland and cannot be conquered. Players who buy them will have a kickstart on the mainland and thus will be able to proceed with their expansion and access rare resources earlier than others.

3 types of Islands that are under protection 

Islands make good starting places for your capital. They are considered inviolable territories which no one can conquer. Big and Medium Islands are meant for curious ones as they have excavation sites that might hold precious relics.

Big Islands: Big islands are larger land masses tied together in long archipelagos located in the Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and Northwest points of Cutieland. These islands are usually abundant with natural resources and are big enough for a large city.


Medium Islands: Medium islands are lands located in the long archipelagos on the far reaches of the world. These islands are big enough to host player cities and are usually rich with natural resources.


Small Islands: Small islands are pieces of land that can be found in Cutieland’s oceans, especially within the long archipelagos that were formed in the Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and Northwest parts of the world. They are suitable for player’s settlements, but are usually not as rich in natural resources.


Know your (presale) Heroes 

Have you heard a simultaneous firing of a number of bullets? Or a thunderous applause arising behind some Cuites? Well, if you have, that means that you have met some Generals. Generals are skillful strategists and technical warriors. They are always noble unique level 1 Cuites nobody wants as enemies. 

There are 3 Generals available in the presale section. 

Air Force General: You will recognize this mighty Cutie by his blue military uniform which perfectly suits his sublime appearance. The respect that Air Force Generals command ensures that they all only ever have to say something once to get things moving. A bear-General doesn’t do anything himself, people obey his command and are ready to do anything for him.


Medieval King: This green-eyed bear has a power level of 4 – 1 for 1st lvl, 1 for nobility, 2 for being unique. Originally possessing strong water and earth elements, now his strengths are fire and water. The Medieval King was once the wise king of a city-state located in the lands of EOS. A true medieval ruler, this Cutie is a powerful warrior that prefers to lead his troops into battles personally. 


Space Commander:This ultraviolet character has been commanding a marine company for the last ten years where he developed an extraordinary expertise in hit and run tactics and landing party missions. He’s quick, strong, loyal and intelligent.


Let’s talk about Cuties without which territories would literally dwindle. Those are Governors. Owning lands is half the battle, the real art is increasing prosperity under the threat of ruthless battles, constant spying and never ending wars. Each Governor is a unique level 1 Cutie who has a special bonus that will give you a major advantage in terms of the economic growth of your town or city.

Han Dynasty Official: How to know everything about a whole faction — like keep an eye on natural resources as well as your foes who will never blow their cover themselves, all without forgetting about successful managing? Well, the solution is to become a cunning fox, a palace intriguer or simply a recently overthrown Emperor of the Han Dynasty. 


Nigerian Prince: If you are inexcusably rich, you need someone who generally cares about your well-being…maybe even if it is only in order to increase their own. Meet the wise, rich and very powerful Nigerian Prince, the real expert in the game of politics. During his youth, he became an expert in deceiving rich people using different correspondence schemes. 


There are new figures in Cutieland called Scouts! It’s understandable that your enemies are annoying but that doesn’t mean they aren’t smart. You will need scouts to spy on Cuties from different factions. Scouts have a special skill set that makes them the perfect spies. One more peculiarity of these Cuties can be demonstrated when you watch them construct watchtowers in the blink of an eye.

Jungle Commando: this Cutie scout received his training in Ethereum Army Special Forces and has participated in 3 different conflicts across Cutieland since then. He always works alone and has an incredible skill set to spy on his enemies plus he has a luck bonus of 10% which really helps him. The Jungle Commando is an expert in scouting, guerrilla warfare, weapons and hand-to-hand combat.


You can start playing with all your presale heros as soon as you get them. Before the Lands Update will be officially released you can trade them, send them on adventures as well as breed. After the Lands Update goes live, they will become your eyes and ears, faction and city managers and army commanders. Players who plan to gather armies and wage wars against each other need to choose their heroes wisely in order to have an army to be proud of.

What is blockchain gaming now? 

Vladimir Tomko, CEO of Blockchain Cuties Universe, has claimed, “We really want to be actively involved in blockchain gaming development and by that I mean to lead, to make as big an impact as we can and to develop. As adherents of mass adoption, we believe that the FUNdemental approach can help us achieve our aims. Blockchain gaming has braced for something big and important. Our upcoming update is strictly focused on strategic elements which aren’t common in this industry.” The Blockchain Cuties Universe has declared that they have created a real universe with a topographically diverse corresponding map. Up until now, the idea of Cutieland was more avant-garde, supported by adorable characters, all of which were shaped like real and fantasy creatures. The upcoming update promises a whole new vision where Cutieland is transformed into a fully developed and functioning world. Players can immerse themselves in a highly interactive world, taking control of the lands and their natural resources.

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