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War Riders + OPSkins = Game on

War Riders™ is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with OPSkins™ and Worldwide Asset eXchange™ (WAX) that is set to make history. War Riders in-game items will be available on OPSkins marketplace and will be tradable with US dollars, Euros, WAX Tokens, Bitcoin, ETH, and dozens of other currencies.


What does this mean for the players?

At War Riders, we believe players should have full control over their hard-earned loot crates and virtual money. War Riders digital vehicles reside on the Ethereum blockchain and truly belong to the players who are free to do anything they want with them. This freedom includes customization, trading on 3rd party marketplaces, and using the items in other crypto games. Our partnership with OPSkins is a huge step towards achieving this goal. OPSkins enables customers to buy and sell crypto assets using a variety of payment methods including tokens, fiat currency, credit cards and more — all without the need to install a 3rd-party wallet. Ultimately, this allows more people to easily access the rapidly growing market of blockchain-based games.


More liquidity. More freedom. More power to the players.

In addition to the War Riders native marketplace truly owned by the players that was announced by the CEO in late May of 2018 at Booz Allen Hamilton Innovation Center in Washington DC, War Riders is planning to continue adding support for the 3rd party marketplaces. War Riders strongly believes in the power of decentralization and giving people a choice of trading platform is an essential part of this belief. Adding more marketplace support will help our in-game items gain additional utility and provide the players with greater liquidity for their digital assets.


You want in? It’s not too late.

The private pre-order sign up for War Riders digital vehicles is now live here. Those who have signed up for private pre-orders will have a chance to purchase vehicles before the sale is available to the general public (and therefore will enjoy the cheapest prices). Premium vehicles (including special vehicles) will be offered for sale first. Shortly after purchase, vehicle tanks will be filled with Benzene (BZN), our native in-game digital currency. Benzene will be used to buy better guns, additional garage spaces, armor, nitro-boost, and it can also be exchanged for other virtual currencies. Visit to learn more.

To claim your free vehicle (later filled with BZN):

  1. Join War Riders telegram group HERE
  2. Join War Riders discord HERE and participate in the invite competition

See you in the Wasteland!

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Written by War Riders

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