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VX Network Announces the World’s First Gaming Coin Listing Business Model

VX Network announces the world’s first game coin listing business model which will provide gaming and trading services in-game using at the same time the game coins. Moreover, VX Network is about to launch a specialized Blockchain game trading exchange “PlayBits” this April.

PlayBits is a full Blockchain gaming service platform that provides VX Network’s own IP Blockchain games as well as other partner developers’ Blockchain games. Remarkably, PlayBits will provide gaming coins, IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), trading game coins (listing on exchanges), support for game item trading between users as well as many other aspects of Blockchain games.

Through PlayBits, gamers will be able to conveniently play games, trade items, coins, and even conduct IEO’s all in one place. This is not only beneficial to the users but also allows game developers to focus only on developing high-quality games without having the burden of other work preparing such services as IEO’s

PlayBits records game characters, items and gaming currencies on the blockchain, and offers the possessive rights to the gamers rather than developers, which is unlike most other current games. With this, the intent of blockchain games will invigorate game item trading between gamers, and become rationalized. VX Network developed and launched Korea’s first Blockchain game “BitPet”  last March of 2018. With this games success and development experience, VX Network is now moving forward onto developing various other blockchain game services!

“BitGolf” – Real time golf battles in various golf courses with its realistic 3D graphics

“CryptoMarble” – Travel to the world, invest and compete to occupy. A monopoly based game using crypto currencies

“Hero of CryptoWorld”- Mobile action RPG game, co-developed with huge game corporations in Korea.

All of these VX Network’s games and more to come will be able to be played on PlayBits.

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