Using Social Media “KEY” Component To Gaining Edge In Blockchain Game Race

It is exciting to see a new cryptogame popping up every two or three weeks, unfortunately though these games are offering us little variation with only two similar style templates being utilized. We understand that this is very new and unfamiliar territory for gaming and things will be refined and modified using the blockchain platform over time but whats important for the developers now is that they need to figure out how to distinguish themselves apart from the pact so to get us gamers interested and playing their games. Part of the answer lies in how well the developers utilize their social media channels.

We think most would agree and say that Cryptokitties was the first blockchain game to market. Since then many other developers have cookie-cutter that games structure and methodology into their own games. Basically you purchase a unique digital asset with Ether through your Ethereum wallet and that asset can then be either kept, traded, gifted or sold in the games market for hopefully a profit depending on certain metrics and conditions. As the game progresses there are brand new digital assets that are continually generated for purchase but the caveat is that they are only for a limited time or a set number be made and the ones previous usually determines the increased value of the next cryptocollectible created. All of the digital assets have a unique blockchain code based off their smart contracts making them distinctly encoded one-of-a-kind items. The primary objective for these types of blockchain games looks to be to search, collect and invest in particular assets that could gain value and then be put up for sale. Chances are these days if a games title starts with the word “Crypto” then it is a clone of Cryptokitties. We would categorize these as the first level of blockchain games and the distinguishing key factor that is missing is playability. Without this element how long will true gamers be interested in just collecting, purchasing and selling unique cryptocollectibles? Time will tell.

Now speaking of which, the latest type of blockchain games that are appearing do include playability but it is only to a certain degree. Even with the added gameplay these games as well all have a similar feel to them and we call these the “Pokemon For Adult” games. They incorporate first the general Cryptokittes game format in which the gamers can collect, purchase and sell unique digital assets. In addition to this they can also purchase extras for their digital assets to upgrade and add more value to them. The next stage is where the gameplay comes into effect and for most of these games it is battling p2p with other gamers digital character assets trying to win and level up. Thus adding more value and possibly winning special items or some in-game currency. We think because most of these current crypto games are still in their alpha and beta stages the gameplay is lacking in actual playability. There is no actual controlling of characters or interactivity in the battle and most times there is not even any battle animations. All the gamer does is select which digital character assets to fight and then press the battle button. After a little while they can view the results in their Ethereum blockchain wallet. The outcomes of the battle seem to be determined from the chain-based performance and skill level of each digital asset. So overall this group of blockchain games are also still not too exciting for us dedicated gamers.

Of all the blockchain games out there presently, both with and without gameplay we cannot say that one game is better than the other. It is still too early in the market and many are not yet even testable. However what us prospective gamers can fully agree on is that the developers who are constantly and rigorously interacting with gamers through their social media channels are the ones that are building a more loyal fanbase and their community wants to stay connected to the game developers mission. Having that continuous association offers the gamers a more complete picture of what to expect from the game and not leave them in the dark with just tidbits of trivial information. Furthermore, the developers who use their social media in fun and engaging ways, such as running contests to win maybe some in-game currency or a unique cryptocollectible and offering special bounties for performing certain tasks keeps the community intrigued and excited till the launch of the finished game. We have seen on some blockchain game developers social media channels that those who are not building enough hype or offering any promotions have their gamers move onto other games because they lost interest or just forget. Also the lack of proper communication, particularly overcoming language barriers can become an issue. Many of these blockchain games are coming from Russia and China which make sense where cryptocurrency is very popular and the upward cryptogame trend is a fun way of feeding that hunger. But despite them having large and very active social media channels in their own countries the ones that are not making the proper efforts translating to the english language when targeting the North American market are losing out.

So here is the tip from us gamers to all you blockchain game developers. Because most of your games are very similar in game mechanics, the unknowing gamer will be indecisive in choosing which is their favorite one. The important tie-breaking feature will be how well you use the powers of your available social media channels to let us gamers know that you need our input and somehow get us interestingly involved in your game communities!

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