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Upcoming Game “Kingdoms Beyond, A New Beginning”

Kingdoms Beyond is an exciting upcoming role playing game. Explore a diverse open world to train and level up your heroes. Fight epic monsters and raid bosses for a chance at rare loot. Make friends with other players in the world and chat, trade, or fight with other players.

Kingdoms Beyond is a free to play game that leverages the Ethereum blockchain to track ownership over assets that you earn in game. Assets that are on the blockchain are backed by Ethereum or Dai to ensure that there is a base value.


The core gameplay of Kingdoms Beyond is to collect, train, and battle using heroes. Each hero is unique and has a different appearance from one another. As heroes level up, they gain access to different moves to help them on their journey. Certain heroes may evolve, upgrading their armour, base stats, and acquiring new abilities!

Where can I get Heroes?

In Game

The easiest way to earn heroes is by playing the game when it is launched. You can earn heroes by defeating enemies, finishing quests or participating in events.

Pre Sale

We will be launching a pre sale soon with exclusive heroes. These limited edition heroes will be only be obtainable by purchase via pre sale. Stay tuned for additional info!


We will be hosting giveaways on our Discord channel where we will be giving away heroes and items.


The rarity of a hero determines the potential of a hero and powerful it can become.

Different rarities of heroes

Rarer heroes are more difficult to obtain; however these champions can have unique abilities and tend to be more powerful than their common counterparts.

Will you be the one to find the fabled GENESIS hero?

Render of an in game scene


Kingdoms Beyond features an open world to explore and discover. Collect resources by chopping down trees or mining stone in order to craft equippable items for your heroes. Land will be available for purchase. Place decorations and buildings on land that you own!

                                            Available resources to collect


Resources are used to craft weapons, potions, decorations and upgrade heroes. Some resources are obtainable by buildings that you place on your land, while rarer resources are only available from events or powerful raid bosses.


Kingdoms Beyond is a turn based strategy game where you can fight monsters, raid bosses, and even duel other players. Heroes have various combat abilities they can use, with rarer heroes having more powerful and unique abilities.

A party of 3 heroes fighting sheep

Train your heroes by fighting different mobs found throughout the world. Strategy is extremely important in order to succeed in your journeys. Weak heroes with good teamwork can beat stronger, rarer heroes so plan your team out carefully!


The best way to connect with us is through our Discord. We will be doing several giveaways leading up to our release.

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