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Unlimited Tower — The New Blockchain Battle DApp

Unlimited Tower is the next generation on-chain battle SRPG Dapp powered by the EOS blockchain. In this article, you will learn how to play and become the final hero — The winner takes EOS all.

Form Your Party

At Unlimited Tower, you can build your own blockchain party consisted of the unique characters and items which are used to compete against the users and win the rewards in EOS. Let us explore how the game works.

                                       Figure 1 — User 1 Party vs User 2 Party

 Each party consists of 3 Kinds — Hero, Servant, and Monster

For each party, you may have 1 Hero, 4 Servants, and 5 Monsters, a total of 10 characters. With a variety of characters, you are able to clear the stages and challenge against other users at the Unlimited Tower.

Pick Characters with GACHA

To earn unique characters and items, you can either play Gacha or clear Stages. The term Gacha is often interpreted as Random Box. If you pay EOS, you will receive randomized characters or items with different strengths and abilities.


Figure 2 — The process of earning Characters & Items via Gacha



Unlike the existing centralized randomized system, the Unlimited Tower Gacha mechanism ensures transparency and fairness of the platform using the characteristics of the blockchain. Let us explore some of the characters and items you may earn via Gatcha.

1. Monster

Monsters are characters with various shapes. Each appearance brings out its own unique skills and abilities.

                                      Figure 3- Unlimited Tower Monsters

Each skill and its strength differ according to the reinforcement of the monster. Let us take a look at a particular monster called, “Tarok”. which was recently acquired via Gacha.

                                          Figure 4 — Monster Tarok Information

① Class — The class is divided into CommonUncommonRareUnique, and Legendary. The probability of each class is different as follows.

  • Common — 51.6%
  • Uncommon- 25.8%
  • Rare — 12.9%
  • Unique — 6.5%
  • Legendary — 3.2%

② Stats— Monsters have their own stats. We will further explain the stat details in the upcoming Hero & Servant section.

2. Item

You can earn not only monsters but also items that are used to enhance the characters. There are two types of items — either worn by the characters directly or used to create other items as the one of the main materials.

Let us take a look at an example of Forsake Sword.

                                 Figure 5— Item Forsake Sword with Rare Rating

① Rating — Just like the Monster, the rating is divided into CommonUncommonRareUnique, and Legendary. The probability of each rating is identical to that of Class in the Monster.

② Tier — Unlike the Monster, each item has its own tier. The lowest tier is available from the 1st to 4th tier during the pre-registration period.

③ Name — Depending on the job of the particular Hero/Servant, it can wear specific wearables. For example, the Warrior with blunt weapons, the Rouge with swords, and the Cleric with canes. Each Hero and Servant can wear up to 3 wearables including weapon, armor, and accessory.

④ Main Abilities and Grades — Weapons include attack power, armor defense, and accessories strength, agility, and intelligence.

3. Hero & Servant

Heroes and Servants are characters with the human form. You can organize your unique characters with different jobs and customization.

Figure 6— Human form with 3 types of jobs including Warrior, Cleric, and Thief


                                  Video — Customization process of Servant

Let us look through a particular servant type whose job is Thief.

                                        Figure 7— The Servant with Thief Job

① Grade — Servants have no other rating but Common only. Depending on the growth tier, there is a rating for a special hero/servant. We will discuss in detail the in the upcoming Upgrade-Servant tutorial.

② Job — Each servant/hero has a job. As of now, available jobs are WarriorThiefClericArcher, and Magician.

③ Strength — The main status of the Warrior and is stamina related to physical strength and defense.

④ Dexterity — The key attribute of the Thief, and a value associated with agility and speed.

⑤ Intellect — The key attributed of Cleric, which is related to magic.

⑥ ⑦ ⑦ ⑧ Ability Level Grade — At present, we have the level grade from Dall the way to S+ in the pre-registration period. The grades will be expressed with the accurate numerical value.

Now you have learned how to form your party with unique characters and items. Let’s learn how to fight!


Dominate the Tower

Now, you have your blockchain squad and it is time to join the battle arena! There are 2 types of Stage — 1. Field Stage and 2. Tower Stage.

Field Stage — Play Alone

Field Stage is a stage where players can acquire rewards through single play alone. Field Stage has various types and levels of monsters are distributed according to the characteristics of the region.

                                                    Figure 8— Field Stage

When you clear one stage of the field stage, you can earn a certain amount of experience points and Unlimited Tower Gold (UTG), materials or consumables, servants, monsters, and items. The more you clear the stage, the more powerful the stage will become.

Tower Stage —Challenge and Defend

In the Tower Stage, each level has the Master, a player who is currently dominating the particular level. You can challenge the existing Master and become the new Master. If you are able to defend your level for a certain number of hours, you can now earn the rewards in EOS.

When you successfully win the existing master, you can also earn servants, monsters, and items owned by the masters at the particular level with a low probability.

                   Figure 9 — Challenging against the Master at the Tower Stage.

More about the battle structure and the reward system will be available in the upcoming guides.

                                   Figure 10 — The Defender/Master wins EOS

Watch Teaser

In the following teaser video, you can see the battle method briefly.

The behavior of all 20 characters is recorded in the blockchain by each action per character. Every research can be found on the User Information Search Site (UISS).


About Us

Unlimited Tower is the next generation on-chain battle SRPG Dapp powered by the EOS blockchain. Upgrade your party and compete with the users to become the final hero at the Unlimited Tower. Pre-register to receive the 3,000 UTG and the limited edition of Panda! ⚔️

Join us below!


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