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TokenWarriors – An In-Depth Overview

TokenWarriors is a fun browser-based game on the Ethereum blockchain. In the following article, I like to give you a brief overview on how to breed, fight, and succeed. We designed our frontend to be fully compatible with the Eth-Blockchain and with automatic transactions checks.

Automatic Transaction Check

Every transaction triggered by you the player, are tracked until the block is mined and the transaction succeeds. No further actions are needed, the frontend will refresh and all changes are made. So you don´t have to worry about refreshing the page manually. Further checks are implemented to prevent actions which correspond with the triggered transaction.

You can also hide the “waiting for transactions” box on the screen with a click on the header or delete the transaction you are waiting for. Sometimes if you reload the page or switching to another, the “waiting-system” can´t recognize your event on the blockchain. In this case, you can manually delete the transaction from the “waiting-system”, and your changes are reflected immediately.

But now let´s move on to some more information. First I want to show you our Warrior and their spells. After these first impressions, I like to introduce you to some fighting and levelling. We can fight in PvE or PvP mode, but more on this later. After some fighting, I think, we can get an introduction to our breeding mechanisms (Yes there are two ways to breed) and discuss their differences. But let´s start with some pieces of information about our adorable Warriors.

The Warriors

TokenWarriors or for short Warriors are unique ERC721-Token with a 19 digit DNA. This DNA can be split into two parts. The first part is 10 digits long and represents the single parts (head, body, weapon, feet, special) of a Warrior.

Warrior Dna (All) – 01 01 01 01 01 015 037 093 // 19 Digits

Warrior Dna (Parts) – 01 01 01 01 01                 // 10 Digits

Warrior Dna (Spells) – 015 037 093                    // 9 Digits

Here you can see, our Warrior is a Gen0. Gen0 means all “Warrior-Parts” are from one single Warrior. Currently, only 5 different Warrior are Gen0 but as you can see, we can go up to 99. We plan to create new Gen0 soon.

If we look further at the “Warrior DNA (Spells)“, we can see that it is split into three different parts. Each part is one spell. You can split a single spell into two parts. Let´s look at the first spell from our example Gen0, 015. The first two digits 01 correspond to the actual spell, here “Big Heal” and the third digit is your spell strength. Here it means the higher the better. 5 is right in the middle and not bad for your first fights. Later we also add up to 89 more spells. Currently in-game, you can find the current 10 spells shown below.

More spells are planned, stay tuned 😉

PvE Fights

Fights in TokenWarriors are not a simple clicking and waiting for the end of the fight. We designed our game to be interactive, not just simply click and wait like in most other crypto “RPG“ games. Every PvE or PvP fight comes with a transaction to be made after the cost range between $0.03 to $0.09 because we don’t charge any fee for fights. (You only have to pay the network transaction fee) Here at TokenWarriors everything is saved and calculated on the blockchain. Only the fights are calculated on our server and the player-data is also held by the server to prevent cheating. After the transaction is mined, your Warrior is provided with some experience points and maybe level up.

I know, you probably want to battle now, but please wait until I managed to show you the fight frontend. As you can see below, your Warrior is on the left and your enemy is on the right side of the screen. Below your „Warrior-Card“ you can see the HP and MP values. If your Warrior HP is 0 or below you lose, same for your opponent. Easy I told you. If your MP value reaches zero, your Warrior is unable to make any more spells which require MP. There are ways to increase your HP (heal) or your MP (Mana-Attack) in a fight, but this is something I think you can discover on your own.

If your Warrior has no attack spell or only spells which need MP to function, you can´t fight with this Warrior, because he can´t do any attacks after a short period of rounds and you are stuck. To prevent this we show only valid Warriors on the “choose warrior“ screen.

Hint: Click on a spell, on your “Warrior-Card“ to attack the enemy.

If you managed to win, your Warrior is provided with 50 EXP, 15 Gold and has to rest for 10 minutes. If you lose, you get 25 EXP, 5 Gold and your Warriors has to rest for 30 minutes.

You can have only one PvE fight at a time. Submitting the transaction after each fight is key to trigger an event on our server which deletes your current fight from our database. If you don´t make this transaction, you can´t fight with other of your Warriors.

In PvE fights, we created a list of enemies, which are chosen corresponding to the level of your Warrior. The enemy can have an opportunity of one level against your Warrior. But at last, you can handle this.

PvP Fights

PvP fights are mostly like the PvE fights, but with a slight difference that you play against a real player. If you decide to play some PvP, you are presented with a list of PvP Fights. Here you can see the level of the enemy Warriors to fight against. Just click on a waiting fight and choose the Warrior you want to fight with.


Puh… since we have made our first fight, we can move on to some love. TokenWarriors can breed like “crypto kitties” but in a slightly different way. We designed our breeding mechanism to be easily understood and we don´t need to hide our logic from your eyes. Breeding is the second gameplay part in TokenWarriors which takes place fully on the blockchain. Like you read before, there are two ways of breeding your new Warriors.

Normal breeding is a simple part of our breeding mechanism. You simply choose two of your Warriors and let them do their work. Here you have to pay a little fee of 0.008 Ethereum to prevent flooding the blockchain with new Warriors. If you have two Warriors, you are good to go. But remember, you can´t breed a new Warrior with a child of your chosen mother Warrior. After success, both of your Warrior get 15 EXP and need to rest for 12 hours.

Fight To Breed

This is the second of our breeding mechanism. If you choose to fight to breed, your mother Warrior has to fight the father Warrior in a PvE fight, where the father Warrior is controlled by the server. If you managed to win, you can choose the spells of your new Warrior after your like, but if you lose… yeah you lose. No new Warrior and you have to pay the fee of 0.008 Ethereum since you made a call to the smart contract breeding function. Your Warrior is provided with the same amount of experience point like in the PvE or PvP fights.

There is a lot more to discover! Next time, we will have a look at the “Item-Shop“ and the “Market”. I will provide you with more neat information about TokenWarriors and how to make money by selling your Warriors.

By the way, planned for the next big update is the “ETH-Arena” where you can fight against other players and win or lose a set amount of Ethereum.

Hope to see you playing on

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Best regardsTokenWarriors Team – casp0or

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