TokenWarriors — A new “Warrior” on the Ethereum BlockChain

Token Warriors is a simple, funny game and it is based on theEthereum Blockchain. (Gas costs not excluded)TokenWarriors allows players to purchase, collect, breed, sell and fight your warriors. Breed and sell various types of virtual TokenWarriors or let fight them for more experience and get a higher LVL. High TokenWarriors will be RAR and expensive.

The Token Warriors can have different Heads, Bodies, Feeds, Weapons, and Specials!

And what to do with the Token Warriors?Let your warrior fight to get a higher level and more experience… it may help to win your next fights! Additionally,you can also breed new warriors out of your existing ones. There is also a marketplace integrated, where you can sell and buy Warriors.

And that´s it?No… it should make sense to have higher leveled and experienced Warriors!

The next step after the PvE game is the PvP game in the Arena: Search and join fights against other Warriors.The same principle is at the PvP fights: get more level and experience. Also planned is a so-called ETH-Arena (PvP).

But there is also an important difference: Win or lose the ETH- fight fee.Every Player pay´s at the start a little amount of ETH and the Winner gains all after a little fee.

Transaction-Fee:We designed our game to use the lowest amount of gas possible for our functions. The transactions cost range from only $0.02 to $0.06 with waiting times on the Ethereum network from 1–3 minutes. Some functions cost a little extra fee like our breeding function with 0.0025 ETH but the gas/fee used is as little as $0.02 to $0.06!

Tutorial for beginners:After your first transaction to create your free TokenWarrior, click the newly created card to get to the Warrior info screen. There you have a lot of choices to click on, but for this tutorial we use the “Item Shop” button, to buy your first Item. Your first Warrior provides you with 210 Gold as a little present, so we can buy a “Cooldown-Big” Potion on slot 1 for 90 Gold. Now we can fight some enemies in PvE or even real player in PvP without needing to wait for the cooldown after every fight.

Info: Your Warrior has 2 slots for items and 2 slots for buffs

We hope to see you playing on

Best RegardsTokenWarriors — Team

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